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  1. nutcase

    Land of 1000 elk.

    Like I said BG, I trust the people that came to me with opinions and ideas on the outfitters and the elk herd. I also stated and will again for the record that at no time was I told about any outfitter doing anything illegal Hurley and Lmo included. So if that was wrongly interpreted from my...
  2. nutcase

    Land of 1000 elk.

    Yes, and as you stated the outfitters will kill everything they can get tags less outfitters=less filled tags=better herd numbers. looks like win win to me
  3. nutcase

    Land of 1000 elk.

    i hit a nerve, going to try and be nice
  4. nutcase

    Land of 1000 elk.

    Not a beef, I've worked with them, for them, and now against them, they take, take, and take like locust moving from one area to another all in the name of money. The kdfwr need to better regulate these entities and make them pay for our conservation efforts that they profit from
  5. nutcase

    having a bad day!

    The binary system can only be strung one way for the bow to work. If the inner system (small servings) are wrong the bow will not draw or the cams will be visibly out of sync. The cables can be crossed wrong but the system will still shoot. If you bought the bow a cabelas, that was your...
  6. nutcase

    having a bad day!

    Really????? You're dumb enough to admit on a public forum that YOU rerailed your bow, took it to a mass market bow shop with untrained techs who didn't check the string out, and then threaten to take bowtech to small claims court? None of this would have happened if you didn't screw up your own...
  7. nutcase

    Soybean field practically destroyed!!

    There was also one little cookie thing that was devoured by me after my 1st near death experience of the weekend, but before the 2am apple pie waterboarding event
  8. nutcase

    Setup Question Bowtech Invasion...

    If the QAD will not tune to center of the shelf, you are missing the windage spacer that comes in the package. If the arrow lifts up the d-loop is too tight. Cam lean is usually set from the factory and may be off a half twist or so. These cams are supposed to lean at rest and it goes away at...
  9. nutcase

    My Kentucky 14pt Brute

    Fire the photographer and you will have more money to use hunting
  10. nutcase

    2013 new Mathews bows

    I have all three in my shop. The bows are nicer than they look, the creed and chill are both nicer shooters. The creed has the smooth z7 draw and the helium stop that gives a great back wall. The short chill will be a nice bow for the two cam bows. The ZXT is a redesigned Z7extreme for the...
  11. nutcase

    Hooter shooter?

    All you have to do is bring it to me or send it ups. I built my own hooter shooter for the shop, we use it when the need arises. DO NOT USE the stupid little spine charts on the back of the boxes. They are outdated by years. The higher the IBO of your bow is, the stiffer the arrow you need...
  12. nutcase

    Limbs shattered!!!

    Sounds like you need a BETTER pro shop. I have no problems getting parts and warranty work from bowtech even on a Saturday if needed
  13. nutcase

    Fletching colors vs. accuracy?

    You were in CALIFORNIA, need I say more?
  14. nutcase

    Hunting shows these days?

    I don't watch any Hunting Shows, It is ruining what being a hunter is all about. I see it in my shop almost daily. People down on other people for shooting a small buck.. Fathers who wouldn't let there kid shoot because it was too small.. Kids how wouldn't shoot because it wasn't as big...
  15. nutcase

    Dropaway not falling fast enough

    Unless the QAD is broke, that is not the issue, QAD can be run on bows with IBO speeds that far exceed the crx 32's. It can be a few different things, in no particular order 1. the rest is timed wrong 2. the cord is too high on the cable 3. cams are bad out of time, yes it happens to hoyts 4...
  16. nutcase

    Bow trade

    Peeps don't need to be served in, but some adjusting knots above and below help hold it in place and give the customer alittle more confidence. As for the peep turning, the bowtech had much better strings than your new bow and the string on the low level PSE bows are junk. You're peep may stop...
  17. nutcase

    cost for archery range time

    We run two nights of 4h archery at the shop, a few of our nasp kids come to that for extra practice. I don't charge the 4h. The nasp bows will require different targets than the standard bows for safety, you don't want any bounce back. Also don't forget the cost of the insurance, anytime you...
  18. nutcase

    cost for archery range time

    BF I'm not that bad, range is free for a month with a new bow purchase or if you get a new sight, rest or arrows.....and warranty work is free
  19. nutcase

    cost for archery range time

    Most charge anywhere from $5 to $10 an hour, My apologies if I came off irritated. Just has some guys come by last week and got mad cause I charge $5.
  20. nutcase

    cost for archery range time

    You are Kidding? Right? Lights, Heating and Air, Bags, Staff, Rent, Taxes, Loan Payments.....I don't know why they would charge either. If archery shops don't charge for their services then they go out of business and all you are left with is driving to the big box stores, and they charge too.

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