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    Whats the reason for House Bill 60?

    Its not the legal hunter that is the problem. Never has been never will be. And the rest of us have suffered more for it than they have. And more legal people out at night won't change it either. These people dont care about laws, they just need an excuse. And I turn in every one I can get a...
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    Coyote Bill

    We've always had a poaching problem and it was worse before we got the light laws passed. They wont read the laws and know that they must be in the field. It will be just like it was when we had no lights at all for night hunting of coyote. Once they found out they could hunt at night they used...
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    Rabbitat Phase One almost done

    I was looking for seed the other day and remembered your posts on the cost of such. Last time I bought seed was about ten years ago. I bought enough seed to sow ground in various grasses and clovers back then for fifty bucks an acre. When I checked the ladino alone will cost that much now. It...
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    Whats the reason for House Bill 60?

    How many times you found livestock with bullet holes in it? I have and don't want any more of it. Jimmie
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    Whats the reason for House Bill 60?

    Then I would just as soon it gets dropped. I have enough trouble with spotlighters out here now without giving them an excuse. Jimmie
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    Looks like smokers will pay more than first thought.

    If I remember correctly the last time we had the smoking /private property issue up for discusion, they wanted to force me to put a no smoking sign on my farm shop!! A place that is not open to the public in general!! That one failed as it should have. Is not a weapon of your choice personal...
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    Ash trees dying?

    I heard there were some eastern counties with borer. But they have not shown up here yet, and I hope they don't. Jimmie
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    Habitat/plots for rabbits

    Had a jackass that ate them like candy once they hit bloom stage. Had a couple of mules since then with the same habit. What worries me most this year is having decent enough weather to establish any planting. My part of the state is still on the drought maps. Ponds finally got full last...
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    Warm weather

    Prey species numbers are at their lowest this time of year. You see them moving about later more often now since they have to work a bit more for food. Mating season peaks around february 15. You can see them any time of day then. Jimmie
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    Finally !!!!!

    75 yards with a good bullet such as the jacketed hp available. And quite frankly haven't tried it any further myself. Remember that this is a low powered round. At 70 or 80 yards you can hear the bullets impact since it is so much slower than high power rounds. I just don't trust that it...
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    Habitat/plots for rabbits

    If I can get what I want cleared off this winter a small experiment will happens this year. Been thinking along the same lines myself for all small game. I am thinking that an edge strip in a field would provide both food and edge cover in places where we don't want to cut trees along a woods...
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    Finally !!!!!

    There is so little damage done by this round that the under fur soaks up what little leaks out. I had 3 bullets that I recovered from just under the hide. They expanded to the size of a pencil eraser and that was it. Each had hit rib bones. Those that hit shoulder blade only made it into the...
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    Coyotes at night.

    I use an 870 with full choke and bb's. Very satisfied with the results so far. I am limited to about fifty yards but where I do most of my huting , I don't need more range. Shotgun needs a vent rib to mount some type of light gathering sights. I used tritium paint on my bead for that purpose...
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    Finally !!!!!

    Glad to hear ya got it done. Just like with any other cartridge you get all sorts of reaction . And you learn to watch reaction closely too if you use it a lot. We have had to expand search circles to find downed animals because there will rarely be a blood trail. Usually they are down within 80...
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    .22 magnum

    Don't bother with the vmax rounds , most accurate I have found so far but will not penetrate well on larger animals. Anything in the 35 to 40 grain jacketed stuff works well. Jimmie
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    LBL yote hunting

    Dec 1 through Jan 31 limited to shotgun and rimfire for coyote ,fox, and bobcat. February is open to centerfire for coyote and bobcat may have been extended as well this time. Jimmie
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    Habitat/plots for rabbits

    KYBH4LIFE,You really need a disc or tiller attachment for working the ground some. You could do it with your blade set to rip, but it would be hard on the tractor, and you really wouldn't get the effect you need. If your tractor is at least 25 hp there should be a 6 ft pick up disc around for...
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    .22 magnum

    Type of bullet plays a huge role in how effective a 22 mag is. I use winchester jhp ammo in 35 and 40 grains. Accuracy of it is also a problem. Some rifles will shoot a minute of angle at a hundred yards but several brands won't. My mossburg will only do 3 and half at 100 but my marlin will do...
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    Whats the reason for House Bill 60?

    That's partly it. Before we could use anything we could see the sights of, no limitations. I am quite sure that had some folks bothered a good deal. And even though rules stated no projected lights of any kind, they were using all sorts of sighting systems and lights in the field at night. This...
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    Whats the reason for House Bill 60?

    If that is the wording I am all for it. We had that at one time and it was very useful, although limiting. You would be limited to hunting five nights a month , but that is better than no nights at all! It is totally diferent from hunting during daylight hours. But you can work your way in...

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