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  1. adamky

    What's everyone packing this year

    Kimber 84M 6.5 Creedmoor Hornady 120 GMX 3-9x50 Burris
  2. adamky

    Halloween Roll Call

    Ended up seeing 7. One chase with the buck grunting every other breath. Lasted about ten minutes but I never could see his antlers. To dark in the woods. But was exciting none the less.
  3. adamky

    Halloween Roll Call

    Second sit for me. I’m in Ohio county. Cameras are slow but it’s gotta pic up any day now. Just have to be in a tree when it does.
  4. adamky

    Dave Smith strutter FS

    Excellent condition. Just don’t use much anymore. Located in western KY will meet within an hour or so. 150 firm Can send pics to phone or email 270 570 3139 Thanks
  5. adamky

    Possible 45 day season

    I am with Hunt 4 life and the “ban” wagon!
  6. adamky

    Want to harvest ducks and geese

    HOL is one big troll
  7. adamky

    Ice eater on a budget

    A couple Of buddies of mine used to use 5-10 hp outboards set on homemade sawhorses and turned up just above idle. Now they have the real things so they don’t have to do that anymore. One guy would just drive out and listen to see if the motors were running and majority of the time they would...
  8. adamky


    I hunted in the mayfield creek bottoms and killed some Monday and Tuesday. Guys I was hunting with were getting reports of ducks in the backwater around grassy. It’s falling fast and those ducks will head back to the refuge as soon as it’s gone. I would think it would be good around the refuge...
  9. adamky

    11-9-19 Roll call

    Nice deer! What county?
  10. adamky

    Ladder stands

    Mine too! The ones at rural king are awesome. I only wish they were a little taller and the seat was a little easier to put together :/
  11. adamky

    Compound bows

    Elite impulse 31
  12. adamky

    I don’t know much about it.

    That drop tine is very flat on the end like a cut off broom stick. That’s what gave it away to me
  13. adamky

    I don’t know much about it.

    I think it’s the same deer just turned around backwards in the second pic. Dang awesome deer!
  14. adamky

    Dave Smith strutter f/s

    can send pics to cell or email. Not looking to ship. $110 picked up or can maybe work something out. I live in daviess county.
  15. adamky

    To the dog trainer's here

    Pretty Certain that is a grounds super mag goose call and not a duck call
  16. adamky

    Annual playa haters thread of hate 18-19

    They will be back with the warm temps and the rain and the backwater on the Mississippi falling out
  17. adamky

    Annual playa haters thread of hate 18-19

    hunted Mo earlier in the week and killed a few Monday and nothing Tuesday. Water is out In Hickman and locals say that is where the ducks go when it gets out. Guys hunted today and didn’t see many at all. This is in the east prairie area.
  18. adamky


    Have some buddies going to ours. Got it all ready last weekend
  19. adamky

    Insulated bibs

    And if anyone is interested in the first lite stuff they are having a big sale starting Tuesday 20-50% off of everything. Just a little heads up.
  20. adamky

    Insulated bibs

    First lite sanctuary bibs and Woodbury jacket. Both awesome in my opinion. Quiet quiet and more quiet. Wind proof and stretch and bend your step. First year for me and to me they are much better than Sitka and quite a bit cheaper.

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