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    Elk Bugling

    Are the Elk still bugling at LBL? Thinking of going this weekend or maybe next. Thanks.
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    reloading bench ideas

    Hey there WC fan. It kinda depends on how much room you have. Yea, it’s kinda nice to have everything mounted permanent, but not necessary. Realistically you are only using between around 2 to 4 feet of length and about 1-1/2 to 2 feet deep. Just change out loaders as necessary. Another good...
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    What's up with Tapatalk?

    Hey Iceman, I'm getting the same thing. BoB
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    Log In

    Hello, this is KyBoB. I can log in just fine ( using FireFox ) Trouble is, I can't log in when using TapaTalk. I'm using Tapatalk ( and have been for several years ) with no problem until now. Username and password are correct , as it lets me in ( when not using TapaTalk ) Also, I'm on...
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    243 verses 7mm08 for a lady shooter

    I had both and preferred the 08 for just that very reason, a slightly heavier bullet. Keeping the bullet weight in the 120-130 range, I thought the recoil was about the same as the 243. With the " Low Recoil " factory ammunition available , it may even be less. There have been many deer dropped...
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    Mass shooting - 50 dead many injured...

    Ironic Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    No right to carry concealed weapons in public

    This is true ( as sad as it is ) Ky has never influenced the outcome for the race to the WhiteHouse. the swing states will decide. Voting will get you complaining rights, but realistically not much else.
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    Valued Item

    Hey daa, now you're gonna get flooded with calls........ " I was going to call you earlier but........" Good on you for trying to locate the owner though. BoB
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    One made it one didn't Rochester dam

    Yes, always.
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    Moving down south

    Have you given any thought to the Western 1/3 of Miss. That'd get you closer to the flyway. Or maybe Western Tn? Ideally ( for me ) I'd want to stay somewhere between the Miss. & Tenn. rivers. BoB
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    New guy from Ohio

    Hello and Welcome. I can almost guarantee you will like the winters here better. BoB
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    32 year annivesary

    Coming up on 31 17 and 14 BoB
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    Remington Closing Plant in Mayfield Ky.

    The older ones were better ( for the most part ) And you can clearly see that with the rising prices. The company has micro managed itself in a bad way. Doesn't matter what the company is or the business, if enough " trim the fat", " polish the apple " , " run skeleton crew ", or whatever new...
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    huge bluegill

    Nice looking gills Fun to catch, funner to eat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    E3 Meat Company 32 ounce tomahawk ribeye reverse seared

    Yep, I'd try one ( or two ) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    .380 vs 9mm

    There are some pretty interesting ballistic gel tests between the two with all types of bullets.
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    Recommend turkey ammo

    +1 on the 5's
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    Vultures Are Taking Over One Delaware Neighborhood

    Fellow I work with has a cattle farm and he told me the same thing. They're aggressive and he has lost some calves. He tries to run em off with a shotgun , but not a lot of success. I suggested swapping out the scattergun for the deer rifle.
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    Led bench lights

    More of a " clearer " light And no more buzzing sound
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    Led bench lights

    To this

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