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    Fort Knox registration help

    Unless they changed since last Fall, the Firearms Registration must be delivered in person and picked up in person from the Visitors Center. A Copy then can be mailed or emailed to Hunt Control as required.
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    Fort Knox registration help

    You must take it in person to the visitor's center and pick it up as well. Once you have it back, you have to send Hunt Control a photo or scan of it with personal info covered before your account will be updated to allow for the purchase of firearm turkey tags.
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    ISO 20 gauge

    Have a Rossi Dual Combo with a 20 gauge barrel and .243 barrel with scope for $225. Or possibly find a Stevens 301T in .410 and both of you can have fun with it. Using TSS shells it's a great turkey gun.
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    Fort Knox Youth Deer Hunt this weekend

    If you have created an Isportsman account, the open areas are listed under the Hunting Area Forecast for Saturday and Sunday. The upper 80s are good and anything bordering the area of 114 (Cedar Creek) is decent. Pretty hilly back in there though. Look for any bench on the side of a hill with...
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    Looks like an old ASH tree. Be careful. Lots of those around the woods now after that bug went through.
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    Info requested for Bow hunting Fort Knox

    I believe you both are going to need KY Non-resident Licenses and Deer Tags. He can buy the Junior one. Youth gun may be out as you are going to need to register the firearm used with Ft Knox and turn around on those is about a week plus and must be submitted in person. You register it in...
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    Switchback XT Cam Needed

    28" Switchback XT LH cam on ebay for $60
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    Why is louisville as violent as it is currently.

    From appearances Downtown this morning, that number might be low.
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    A few Fort Knox details needed

    Actually TWO extra buck tags possible: One for Archery buck and another for Quota Gun buck. I believe Fort Campbell is the same way unless they changed this year.
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    Switchback XT Cam Needed

    Theres one on EBAY right now:
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    wicked ridge problem?

    Try re-cocking it as it may not have fully seated. They are like tenpoints with an anti-dryfire mechanism that does what you are suggesting if not fully seated.
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    Has anyone signed up at

    Signed up last year and never heard a peep.
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    License Photo

    Was told last fall that authorization number plus photo ID was sufficient. If you harvest something like a deer or turkey, then you must create a harvest log whether on blank scrap of paper or the one printed with your license before moving the harvest. So pen and paper needed, in some form, to...
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    FT Knox has closed all Hunting and Fishing

    Just saw this morning that Ft Knox has shutdown all Hunting, Fishing, and scouting activities on the base as well as the Hunt Control Office until further notice.
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    Taylorsville Lake quota hunt!!

    Youth season deer are telechecked while Quota hunt harvest is brought to WMA office to be checked in with staff for measurements and sampling.
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    Taylorsville Lake quota hunt!!

    Quota hunt results are not on the Telecheck Page. The eight killed by firearm are from Youth Season. I was in the early hunt and the deer our party killed do not show up even in their telecheck review.
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    Taylorsville Lake quota hunt!!

    Be advised, Lake is flooded and several normally dry areas may be under water or inaccessible.
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    Taylorsville lake wma quota hunt this weekend

    Will be there as well.
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    Ever seen anything like this

    I don't think that is radar. Looks to be an infrared satellite pic.
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    Yellow Hornets

    If it is the big yellow european type hornets, DON'T DO IT AT NIGHT!! They are attracted to any light source at night, i.e. your flashlight or spotlight.... Late evening when it is getting dark but light enough to see. They are tough buggers. Gotta spray the tree multiple times to get them all...

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