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  1. hollandhunter

    Score this buck

    Going off of some of the bucks i have seen harvested and scored on facebook lately i would say around 170. Haha. But all jokes aside its hard to score i deer by a picture alone. But he looks to be a mid 130s class nice buck. Which is a pretty good buck for most. But it all depends on the hunter...
  2. hollandhunter


    For sure democrat related. He musta chased don last fall instead of doe. Haha
  3. hollandhunter

    Sawyers, permethrin and scent

    Nothing is scent free in my opinion. Deer will smell you if they cross your wind period. With that said i where sawyers and run a thermocell if i hunt early. Not worth getting ate up by bugs possibly getting a disease. An like i said spray or not they will smell you if they cross your wind. So...
  4. hollandhunter

    30-30 Fans?

    I never used one growing up. Mainly used black powder and archery mixed with a 3006 and a 243 for deer. But this past year i got a itch to buy one and ending up buying a mint Marlin 336C 30-30. Got some weaver rings and a good scope on it. I have a dozen or so boxs of ammo including some...
  5. hollandhunter

    Who all is hunting the opener?

    Not yet. My wife has been running cams and etc lately since i have been working crazy amount of hrs recently. Nothing big enough on cam yet for me to go yet. Wife and kids may hunt some this week though. Im blessed to have a wife and lil girls who take up my slack while i work in the deer woods...
  6. hollandhunter

    Shed Velvet

    You poor fella. I have wanted to kill a big velvet buck my whole life. Killed my fair share of good bucks. None in velvet. With all that said i dont reckon i would care if this deer had velvet or not. He is a stud. Good luck buddy.
  7. hollandhunter

    Another mass shooting.

    Yep and the liberals including the ones on this forum vanish. They dont wanna hear that chicago has tbe highest crime rate in the nation for the most part. Yet has the strictest gun laws. Why? Because criminals dont care about law. This whole nation is over ran by liberal bots who refuse to...
  8. hollandhunter

    Another mass shooting.

    We dont have a gun problem. We have a people and leadership problem. An like said above if sleepy joe can send billions to the ukraine and others to protect there borders he can pay for the security in our schools. Sleepy was running his mouth about 9mms today. Something about a 9mm would blow a...
  9. hollandhunter

    Almost midterms....

    And the point is? I love the optimistic attitude. But we couldn't stop them when we held power. We sure aint now.
  10. hollandhunter

    Another mass shooting.

    I'm not picking sides in your argument. But I have to agree the government should be able to pay for security where ever needed. Such as schools and day care. If they can send the Ukraine 50 billion a week etc etc. Keep our border open for months at a time. They can protect our kids. An they...
  11. hollandhunter

    DEF shortage

    I agree the older tractors and trucks that dont require it are better options. But thats not gonna fix the issue at hand. An if all crashes a working tractor will be the least of most peoples problems. But yea im with you. The older tractors and trucks are by far the best option especially now...
  12. hollandhunter

    Wife drew Wy bull tag

    Well looky der. Congrats.
  13. hollandhunter

    Any fawns yet?

    Yea i seen one yesterday. Have yet to see any poults though.
  14. hollandhunter

    Bless again

    No i dont think its curruption. I simply think it could be setup different to help get new folks drawn that have never been. But no i dont think its curruption and im happy for you. Its nothing personal. Good luck and i hope you kill a trophy of a lifetime.
  15. hollandhunter

    Bless again

    Happy for you man! But to be honest that Bullcrap. I have put in every year except for maybe 2-3. My kids put in almost every year too Along with my wife and family. An none of us ever get drawn. I use to admire the kdfw. But over the last several years i have lost most of that. They refuse to...
  16. hollandhunter

    Elk draw results 2022 are posted

    Im sure i didnt get drawn for the 20th or so time. But the profile page wont load anyway. Ha
  17. hollandhunter

    Lowest harvest totals in last 12 years

    Does anyone have the license sales compared to birds harvested? Im prolly late to the conversation and im sure this has already been covered somewhere. But I got a feeling the number of hunters in the woods is alot more now then 10 years ago too. I know since covid in my area I see way more...
  18. hollandhunter

    Turkey Population

    Wasnt all toward you. Just the hen part. Im sorry if you took it that way. Honestly. An i feel you on the hens. Again i dont shoot them either. An to be honest i cringe a little when i see seasoned hunters kill them in the spring. All im saying is i dont think thats the main problem.
  19. hollandhunter

    Turkey Population

    That one bearded hen didnt make a difference. I dont kill them either. Well i killed one years ago. An i have passed atleast a half a dozen since then. I have hunted 3 different countys this year. Barren,Allen,and Todd. Todd county by far had way more birds as a whole. The area around barren...
  20. hollandhunter

    Thanks Everybody

    Father time catches us all. Im glad to hear your doing some better. I dont know you personally. But i understand. God never puts more on us then we can handle. Even if we dont understand it. An its not what happens to a man. Everyone has problems some worse then others. But its how you handle...

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