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  1. StaleyEMT

    Sauger and walleye

    Can you catch sauger and walleye below the wolf creek dam? If so, when do they normally bite? Thanks...
  2. StaleyEMT

    Tenn. fires Pearle

    I've not seen it on here yet, but I seen on another forum where Tenn. let Bruce Pearl go today. Wonder who they'll get to replace him?
  3. StaleyEMT

    Job change

    Well guys, tomorrow will be my last day in the tire business. I have been a commercial truck tire salesman for 12 years. This job used to be fun and paid fairly good. The last 2 years have been rough and therefor pay has went down so I've decided to make a change while I had an opportunity. I...
  4. StaleyEMT

    Marine mechanics

    Is there a school in Ky. to learn boat engine repair?
  5. StaleyEMT

    Fathers Day

    I would like to wish all you daddys and step daddys and grandpas a happy Fathers day! Hope you all have a wonderful day.
  6. StaleyEMT

    Walleye help!!

    We went to Laurel last night and waited on the eyes to come up. When they finally came up we were in the right spot, or I thought we were. They were popping all around us. The boat didnt seem to bother them as they were sucking down shad within 3 feet of the boat. it would almost scare you...
  7. StaleyEMT

    Humminbird 363-gps

    I have a HB-363 with GPS. It is supossed to be loaded with uni-maps. Will this feature help in getting back to a ramp in the fog? or just for marking fishing spots?
  8. StaleyEMT

    Cleaning satin finished pistol

    Hey guys I got a satin finished 1911 Colt 45 and the finish on it is very dull and dirty. Any suggestions on what to use to clean up a satin finished pistol?:confused:
  9. StaleyEMT

    motivational turkey story

    After not hearing any gobbling yesterday and the 86 degree temps, I decided not to hunt yesterday evening. Instead I went to a paylake with my brother inlaws and fished til 1 am this morning.When the alarm went off at 5 am, I was dead tired and started not to go this morning. My wife woke me up...
  10. StaleyEMT

    Advice for an amature

    Going to Laurel in the morning with an old friend. What should I fish for and with what? We will be there about 6;30 am, probably fish into early afternoon.:confused:
  11. StaleyEMT

    Tough Question

    I have a tough question for all you military men. If things really get bad and for sake of conversation, we end up in a civil war in this country over our constitutional rights, where do you guys stand? I know you took an oath to protect this COUNTRY from enemies, foreign or domestic, but does...
  12. StaleyEMT

    E -mail address question

    I had to get a new pc today and have to get a different E-mail address than my wifes, I will probably be using her laptop from time to time toget on this site. I guess what I'm getting at is can you use your screen name with 2 different e-mail addresses for this forum?:confused: If not will...
  13. StaleyEMT

    Nice hat...

    An old school buddie sent this to me and I thought you guys might get a kick out of this.:eek::D
  14. StaleyEMT

    Florida goes down

    Florida gets stunned by SC Gamecocks..:eek::D:D
  15. StaleyEMT

    B&c scorer ?

    How does one become an official scorer?:confused:
  16. StaleyEMT

    Dale Hollow state resort park

    Hey guys, my 2 brother-in-laws and I are going to Dale Hollow park the 3 days after Christmas. I have never been there before. Can anyone give me any info on where or how to hunt the park ? All comments appreciated. Thank you in advance...:D
  17. StaleyEMT

    crock pot deer roast

    Alright guys since this is my first try I'll keep it simple,sirloin deer roast carrots and taters..:D
  18. StaleyEMT

    Thompson Center ?

    Are the parts on the Encore and Prohunter interchangeable?:confused:
  19. StaleyEMT


    I was just wondering, I know deer prefer whiteoak acorns over redoak acorns but what about chestnut oaks? The reason I ask is that the acorns I've seen are big huge chestnut oak acorns not very many of the others. Just wondering if the deer will key in on these or wait on the others to fall...
  20. StaleyEMT

    Breaking in the barrell

    I have heard that when you buy a new rifle you are supposed to run several boxes of ammo through it to break it in. What have you guys heard? Does anyone know anything about this or how to do it?:confused: