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    Why were chainsaws invented??

    I'd say they were invented to make you appreciate how easy it is to start your push mower....
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    Venezuelan paramilitary infiltrating US

    Paramilitary groups....Geez....This isn't gonna end well. Another reason to support the Second Amendment.
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    A Brief History of Fantastically Wrong Climate Change Predictions

    There is no doubt that the earth is getting warmer. I've been traveling to Alaska for about 35 years and the shrinkage I've seen in the glaciers (Exit Glacier, Portage Glacier, glaciers around Homer, glaciers at the entrance to the Whittier tunnel) has been dramatic and alarming. We've all...
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    Hope they have big freezers

    Question: How do you ruin a moose hunt? Answer: Shoot a moose.
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    Inflation rose faster than expected in August, keeping prices painfully high

    Thank goodness they passed the Inflation Reduction Act!!! I hate to think about where we'd be if not for Biden....
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    Wake up VP HARRIS,you have company

    Funny how there is all the noise in the MSM over the southern governors providing transportation....there was none when it was Biden who was flying them out in the middle of the night.
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    Jut Heard On Fox New That.....

    With regard to the polls....Every time my day is interrupted by someone calling my home to ask about my voting priorities, I take delight in making stuff up.
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    Russia cuts off gas exports to Europe via Nord Stream indefinitely

    The democrats have arranged so that the global financial disaster that will occur when Russian oil is either banned or pulled from the market will happen on December 5th - after the elections. I do not believe that the Europeans will have the courage to ban Russian oil, but I do expect Putin to...
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    Yacht Rock

    They'll likely bring it back next summer. My son downloaded the app for me and I really enjoy listening to the MLB games driving home from the farm. You can get either team's announcers for every baseball game. Love listening to Bob Uecker tell his stories about back in the day. (Uecker...
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    How addicted are you to your phone?

    I'm about a 1.5 to 2. I sometimes leave my phone in the truck all weekend....
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    What about those football Cats !!

    We've been to Ole Miss a couple of times. Stayed in Memphis and ate barbecue all weekend. Great trip!
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    Hatchery Creek

    Man I hate to hear this....Used to be a real nice place.
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    Wolf Creek Dam Flow

    Kid that age, I'd recommend Hatchery Creek behind the trout hatchery below the dam. I can't remember the rules for Hatchery Creek - I believe it is catch and release - but it would be my recommendation as to where to fish. If you want to fish in the River, I'd suggest going to the Rockhouse...
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    Ammo shortage continues.

    HeadedWest is dead on....Since BassPro bought Cabela's there is a huge difference. I really liked Cabela's....BassPro, not so much. There was a big selection of .270 and the prices varied. None of it was cheap....
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    Ammo shortage continues.

    The store formerly known as Cabela's in Louisville had lots of ammo in stock this morning. I bought some 30-30 and .38 special ammo that I hadn't seen for a while. The 30-30 ammo was mixed in with the 6.5 Creedmore - I almost missed it. They had lots of 30-06 and .270 ammo too. I couldn't...
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    Debt forgiveness

    Socialism at its best. Let's get the government involved by taking money from hard working people (ants) to pay off loans for slackers (grasshoppers). There is nothing I can do about this absurdity and slap in the face of those of us who worked our asses off to get through college - and worked...
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    30-30 Fans?

    First rifle I ever bought was a 30-30. I still really like the gun, but I usually take a .44 mag out with me now. I took a nice hog in Tennessee with my 30-30 a few years ago. Last time I've taken it out.
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    Increasing Deaths - Due to Covid lockdowns?

    Some of the medical consequences of lockdowns are finally becoming evident. While increasing deaths due to delaying treatment were predictable, I'm surprised at how big the number is in Britain and I'm wondering if excess deaths in the US are perhaps being hidden by the CDC and the press. We...
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    Question about tobacco barns

    You can depreciate it....
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    16’ Coleman canoe

    I had a 17' canoe back in the day. Put in a lot of miles on rivers and streams in KY and TN.