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  1. FF/EMT516

    Bow on a budget

    The title says it all. Thinking of replacing my old Parker hunter mag. But we have two little ones and things are tight. What’s a good bow on a budget?
  2. FF/EMT516

    Poison ivy

    What’s a good treatment for poison ivy? I think my oldest has it on his fingers.
  3. FF/EMT516


    I have always raised beef cattle up until 3 or 4 years ago, and we kept some Holstein steers we raised on the bottle over the years to eat. But recently I got a steal on a Holstein heifer that was 7 months old when I bought her. I figured we’d raise her for beef. Well I know Holsteins are really...
  4. FF/EMT516

    Jennings Creek

    Has anyone ever fished Jennings creek over in Bowling Green for trout? I’ve never caught any trout before and that one seems to be the closest to me where they stock trout. Thanks in advance.
  5. FF/EMT516

    Cast iron question

    I use this cast iron skillet all the time. I believe it was my grandmothers, no idea how old it is. But my question is, how do it get it to season up good? I cooked burgers in it tonight and it has this buildup in it, do I wash it off or just leave it on there?
  6. FF/EMT516

    Good old days

    I was born in ‘92 and not into a hunting family. But I remember people talking about sucker gigging, coon hunting, and just different things they used to do outdoors that isn’t really heard much of anymore. What are some things y’all used to do that aren’t common anymore? And why don’t people do...
  7. FF/EMT516

    Wireless Dog Fence

    Does anyone have one they want to part with at a reasonable distance to Leitchfield?
  8. FF/EMT516

    Outside dog

    We recently got a dog, he’s an outside dog. I’m guessing him to be a bloodhound mixed with maybe redbone or some other type of hound. Anyway he’s supposed to be 6 or 7 years old and about 65 lbs. I’ve had several dogs before but was just curious, what do some of you do to keep your outside dogs...
  9. FF/EMT516

    Deer ribs

    I shot a spike this morning and decided to save his ribs, what’s the best way of cooking them if they’re any good?
  10. FF/EMT516

    Cursed farm?

    I’m starting to think the farm me and my brother hunt is cursed. We’ve been allowed to hunt there for the last probably 12 years or so. The first 2-3 years wasn’t bad but since then you’re lucky to see 1-2 deer a day. My brother killed a boss off of it in 2018 but besides that it hasn’t been...
  11. FF/EMT516

    Funny Hunting Stories

    What’s some of y’all’s funniest hunting stories? I’ll start. Back when I was in middle school maybe first year of high school I had to hunt with my papaw still. Anyways, we were sitting on the bank of a spring behind a makeshift blind. Papaw goes to sit down in his chair and it slowly starts...
  12. FF/EMT516


    Last year for Christmas someone got me two boxes of .270 Core Lokt 130gr and my gun is lined in with 150gr Core Lokts, to be accurate would I have to realign my gun with the new rounds?
  13. FF/EMT516

    Bassett hound

    Anyone know where I could get a Bassett hound or possibly Bassett beagle mix at a decent price near Grayson co? Not really looking for a hunting dog but a family pet.
  14. FF/EMT516

    I’ve seen it all now

    Looking at different things on Amazon last night and came across this. My first thought was oh my gosh you’ve got to be kidding me. Maybe a good idea but I’m not gonna chance ruining a hunt with it. What’s your opinion on...
  15. FF/EMT516


    Does anyone within a reasonable distance of Leitchfield have a .22 rifle they’d like to part with for a reasonable price? Doesn’t have to be anything special, I’m just wanting something I can shoot varmints around the house with. Thanks in advance.
  16. FF/EMT516

    Pier Fishing

    I’m heading to Florida and may do some fishing while there from the pier, has anyone ever kept any saltwater fish to eat? And if so what is a good fish that would likely be caught at a pier to keep and eat?
  17. FF/EMT516

    Rough River

    Just curious if anyone has been bank fishing at the Eveleigh boat ramp since the water has been let down, if so are the crappie biting yet? I’ve had quite a bit going on lately and haven’t gotten to fish as much as I’d like to.

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