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    I hate a damned dry year!!!

    In N. KY. Christmas's high will be below freezing. The Saturday after looks relatively cold. Will it be enough to freeze some ponds or creeks off the Ohio River? Don't know. Third poor season so a row. As ya'll said, need freezing and snow north of us. Last system gave them some...
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    Contacting representatives

    I have.
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    COVID and The WMA’s

    Disregard, I found the answer to my question. Thanks.
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    COVID and The WMA’s

    Can we still put in for a preference point for Ballard?
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    Beshear and his mandetory mask order

    No. Numbers have been purposefully skewed. If you want to mail a mask, OK. It is (at least for now) a free country. But you better wear one for the rest of your life if you aren't a hypocrite because the regular flu season kills many more than covid-19 because they aren't skewed. 130,000...
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    Taking Politics out of it

    Receiving Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. And, the fact that most people can't see that if this continues there will be some major economic (and possibly other) chaos down the road. When banks aren't paid for the loans to small businesses that can't survive now, what do you think will happen? I...
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    Bunny numbers

    I can confirm that I've been seeing more rabbits on our farm than in many recent years. I seem to jump one or multiple rabbits about every other trip in the field. I've been building more and more brush piles with them in mind, too. And, like some of you, as I work on my cabin, I've heard the...
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    Pick one...

    Lone Wolf. Close friends are fine. Not a party person
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    Thinking about buying a camper

    Regarding buying used...other than looking at RV dealers for used, what would be the best way you would suggest to find a used one, for sale by owner...other than Craig's List?
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    September Hunting Poll

    Dove and deer
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    Ballard/High water

    I know no birds are down, but with the river due to crest at 48 feet in Cairo this week is there talk of shutting Ballard? We were drawn for 1/11 and 1/12. Thx.
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    Think I’m done deer hunting

    Back to the original post...too...each of us go through phases in life and in our hunting experience. I had a farm that had some bruisers on it, but it was 18 acres and surrounded by road and a guy who would be a jerk if he knw I was hunting my place. He'd ride his four wheeler along the fence...
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    Eve of the invasion roll call

    Packed up stuff this morning for taking to farm to deer camp. Thought I would do that while raining. Got to farm and unpacked Feels like I am going to the moon. So much to pack. Been on stand for a bit. Breezy, but not bad. Nothing yet, but had to get one more bowhunt in. Will be...
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    November 8th

    Thx Tony. Been meaning to call. Been crazy busy trying to finish the cabin for Joey and I. Will try to call tonight. Best of luck to you
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    November 8th

    Best morning bowhunting for me. Saw 4 bucks and 4 does so far. Biggest was a 9. Had it been Saturday I’d be tagged. Best in bow range was a smaller 8. I had a hard time not letting an arrow fly. My son and I will be sitting in this spot Saturday. All my best to ya’ll. Oh, the 8 and 9...
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    Deer Movement

    By my previous comment, I just meant that misery loves company :)
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    Deer Movement

    No offense to any of you, but I'm glad some of you are seeing little activity. The past two years bowhunting the two weeks prior to rifle season have been great with many buck sitings and one missed opportunity on a nice 10 pointer. This year...I'm not even seeing does. I saw one small racked...
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    HappyHunter. How did you do? Was there all open water or was some froze?
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    Happy Hunter. We are going to Ballard on the 15, 16. Let us know how you do if you will. The count, as of the last one I saw was 29,000 ducks, but that was a couple weeks ago. Hope you have a good hunt.

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