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  1. invasion36

    Planting corn

    Last few years I have planted beans and they have done great. This year I want to put out corn. I always broadcast my beans but with the price of round up ready corn I hate to waist seed. Anyone ever use one of those Earthway hand push planters? Trying to decide if it’s worth my time to plant in...
  2. invasion36

    5 hours but worth it

    I don’t expect many to sit through this like I just did but I couldn’t turn it off. Very informative.
  3. invasion36

    Sons 2021 Bow Buck Mount

    Turned out great! I have some work to do in 2022 to take back the throne of the house.
  4. invasion36

    Field Corn

    I am wanting to put out corn next year instead of beans to rotate crops. Anyone ever broadcast corn seed and have good luck? I have done this with my beans the last 3 years and have had good germination. Corn I am not sure about and I do not have a planter.
  5. invasion36

    Sons first bow buck

    My son told me yesterday that he wanted to hunt. I told him that was fine but that I would be tied up at my daughters high school volleyball game and watching the grandson. He calls and tells me he is there to hunt around 4:45. I said ok but keep in mind that I am not available to help. At 5:15...
  6. invasion36

    2020 mount back

    First deer I have ever mounted. Turned out pretty good I think.
  7. invasion36

    Bowtech Realm

    2018 Realm. 70 lb. limbs. Adjustable draw length. Located in NKY. Comes with everything but sight. QAD ultra rest, trophy ridge quiver, octane stabilizer. Text for quicker replies. 550$ 8596383260
  8. invasion36

    China buying land in the U.S. and the Bahamas

    Google it. 150,000 acres in Texas. Military base in Bahamas. Things are really starting to get hairy. Why would the news not tell us about this? Makes you wonder.
  9. invasion36

    Tenpoint Turbo II

    Anyone interested in a Tenpoint Turbo XTII Crossbow? I believe it’s a 2012 model. Great shape. Comes with a soft case, 6 bolts, Acudraw and a vendetta laser range finder. We just prefer our compounds so it just sits in case. Located in NKY and would prefer not to ship so I do not have to take...
  10. invasion36


    Anyone out. Trying to fill a doe tag. Got bow and muzzy both.
  11. invasion36

    11 year drought Snapped

    It’s been 11 yrs since I have filled a buck tag. I have been a little picky and let quite a few walk, shot and missed one of the widest bucks I have ever saw with my bow 6 years ago and shot and was not able to recover a big 8 2 years ago. My goal has been to shoot a big buck with my bow for a...
  12. invasion36

    10/27 evening

    Anyone else out. I’m with the wife trying to get her her first buck.
  13. invasion36

    Scent crusher totes

    Anyone on here use the ozone tubs or closets on their clothes? Thought about making one. I usually just hand wash all my stuff and let hang dry but when it gets this time of year the cooler weather doesn’t dry clothes as quick. Plus I sweat pretty easily so being able to just throw them in a...
  14. invasion36

    Pork belly burnt ends

    Trying my first run at making my own bacon and had some pork belly left over. Decided to fire up the smoker and try burnt ends. Other than bacon I have never had pork belly. I will from now on though. Lol.
  15. invasion36

    SEEK ONE invades Louisville

    The secrets out now for all the ones that hunt around Louisville.
  16. invasion36

    200” in Demossville Kenton county

    Anyone saw this buck yet. It’s a stud! Killed not far from my place.
  17. invasion36

    Wife is sneaky!!

    We came out to the farm today to let her hunt. Well, we decided to bush hog up until it was time to head to blind. She started mowing and then I jumped on tractor and couldn’t stop. Just wanted to get it all done. I asked her what time it was and she said don’t worry about hunting let’s just...
  18. invasion36

    Wife’s first sit

    We sat over our bean plot this evening. Yesterday evening I put some corn out and had to push down some beans cause they are too tall to shoot through. I am 5’11” on a good day and they were as tall as my chest. We saw 11 does. They came from every direction. Eating beans and working there way...
  19. invasion36

    Spypoint link app “update”

    So I just had to update the spypoint app on my phone. First thoughts was it looks easy to use. All my pictures taken that day are right there in front of you. No more selecting each camera. Then I go to buy a package for the new cell link I got and now you have to pay 100$ a year to be in a...
  20. invasion36

    Eagle seed beans planted. Come on rain

    Made the plot a bit bigger this year since it did so well last season. Can’t wait till the electric fence can come down.

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