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  1. KHAdmin

    Wall of Fame - Kentucky Deer Classic

    Just a heads up. There are a few more open spots for the Wall of Fame at this year's Classic. If you are interested in participating, fell free to send me a private message and we will trade the information needed. Adult participants who are invited are given: $25 Gift Card to Uncle Lee's A...
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    2014 Wall of Fame - Kentucky Deer Classic

    We are well into the preparation of the Kentucky Deer Classic and the Wall of Fame. We will be taking up to 20 bucks this year for the Wall of Fame. If you have a mount that you would like to have featured, send me a pm and we will get in contact with you. We would like mounts from this past...
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    Decal Giveaway

    Post a reply to this thread and tomorrow morning around 9 AM I we will pick a "post number" as the winner!
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    Cajun Vacation Food

    First day back from our long weekend in Mobile, AL. Left out last Thurs. and got back last night. I have a long time friend who was born and raised there and since my wife's and I best friend wanted to go to the beach for her 30th birthday, we decided on Mobile. I told my buddy we wanted to...
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    Blue water trails - Floyd's Fork

    Kentucky Afield Outdoors: Blue Water Trails – Floyd’s Fork May 15, 2014 Contact: Lee McClellan FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 1-800-858-1549, ext. 4443 (This article is the twenty-sixth in the periodic Blue Water Trails series...
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    Researchers narrow cause of fish kill.

    May 16, 2014 Contact: Ron Brooks FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 1-800-858-1549, ext. 4466 Researchers narrow cause of Asian carp die-off in western Kentucky FRANKFORT, Ky. – Research indicates a condition similar to “the...
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    I can see this in my very near future...

    I saw this on Facebook the other day and while reading the post about beef and broccoli, I thought adding a wok burner to it would be a great addition to this backyard stove !
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    Smoked a GroundHOG A.K.A. a Fatty

    Wife and friends wanted to try mine so I decided I'd smoke one for them. Then added a couple twists to it such as , Maple sausage (usually sage), Famous Dave's Apricot Bourbon BBQ, hot links (usually just smoked sausage) and once it was rolled into a log I covered it with brown sugar. Smoked at...
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    Collecting Antique Decoys

    I have started to collect antique decoys and was wondering about an information site and/or book that any of you know of that would help. I just bought these and having them shipped from Oklahoma. Anyone have any idea about these in the picture? I know the one on the right is plastic, but it...
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    Forum Color and Skins

    There current color scheme is set to default. If you would like to change which you want to use, go to the bottom left of this page, click on the drop-down and choose which you would like. The original blue theme is available "VB4 Default Style" The Blackfolio skins are not fully ready. But...
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    Top Ten Call Companies?

    I was thinking about how there are thousands of duck call companies. All the way from Duck Commander down to your local custom call shop. But for the call companies that would be considered to at the top, who all are they? Really the best way to ask this is, who all do YOU think are in the top...
  12. KHAdmin

    Please Help By Changing Your NON-WORKING EMAIL!

    I need your help. This will only take 3-5 minutes of your time and will help tremendously. We have a great number of members that have a bad email address on file here at the forums. This causes me to receive tons of bounced email notifications in my email inbox. It also places an extra burden...
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    New Logo

    What do you all think about the logo for this forum?
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    We may be looking into adding a few ads onto this forums. Nothing overly dramatic but ads like the one I added to the top right. There are two spots there and then two spots above the forums and below the forum. Just like in this picture. What I was thinking, but want y'alls opinion, is to...
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    Introduction, Maintenance and Ideas

    My name is Phil and I am going to be spending a lot of time on this forum starting today. Those of you that know Joey and Chad, may know they are extremely busy so they have asked me to assist with this forum. Please feel free to message me anytime, however if it is a concern with a certain...