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  1. Todd H

    Mainbeams’s Big Adventures.

    Havent seen a deer in 5 days in Metcalfe
  2. Todd H


    Drinking coffee then headed out, still looking for a doe for the freezer. Taking a couple days off after today. Good luck to all!!
  3. Todd H


  4. Todd H

    11/21 Let’s do this!

    Present and accounted for...not sure what day it is but search for does continues on
  5. Todd H


    My place is over run with coons getting 10-15 at a time at multiple corn piles everynight all night. Talked to several people that wanted to take care of them, then they all say the same thing. Not running my dogs of your property. West border of property is the Parkway. I understand why they...
  6. Todd H


    Took morning off.. friend killed a solid 130 at 9am this morning across the parkway. Still looking for does..they are on pics all night but zero daytime movement
  7. Todd H

    11/19 be careful out there!

    Still present!! Watched a very big buck run every smaller buck and then a hot doe out of a thicket this morning. 2 problems...I was sitting on the carport and no buck tag!! Was incredible to watch from about 200 yards away. First doe I have laid eyes on in over 3 weeks...wierd..all pics at...
  8. Todd H

    11/19 be careful out there!

    Present.....getting a little breezy already in Metcalfe
  9. Todd H


    First sit since Sunday evening..small 4 pt came in and is bedded at 20 yards. Doe patrol
  10. Todd H


    Work this morning then off for 2 weeks, buck tag is filled so going on doe patrol now. Good luck to all and be safe!!
  11. Todd H


  12. Todd H

    Have a deer to give

    Charlie's shop outside Edmonton takes them. Dropped 2 off last night
  13. Todd H

    New hunters

    So glad I am blessed with private land!! Stay safe out there and go as deep as possible
  14. Todd H

    Firearm opening weekend thread

    My nephew and I both punched our buck tags last evening...I'll post pics later today after work. He got a nice 8 and I took a odd one out of the gene pool finally
  15. Todd H

    11/16 roll call

    Good luck everyone..punched my tag last later after work
  16. Todd H

    Firearm opening weekend thread

    Dont have high hopes with this wind but just got settled in the box blind for afternoon sit. Couldnt stay at house any longer. Good luck to all that are out
  17. Todd H

    Firearm opening weekend thread

    Anyone out be safe...wind here in Metcalfe is insane....I love to hunt but not sitting in heavy timber in this wind!! Go out later
  18. Todd H

    11 year drought Snapped

  19. Todd H

    Opener didn’t go as planned

    Had 3 dogs ruin my last hour......
  20. Todd H

    Firearm opening weekend thread

    Got that last 15 mins of light feeling.....

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