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    Looking for

    I need a navionics east map card for my lowrance . I remember someone on had one advertised a while back but I didn’t need one then , can’t remember who had it
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    Looking for a good squirrel recipe...

    I insta pot mine then make into dumplings or pot pie it’s a good way to use several squirrel s
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    Turkey Population

    Way down for me in Lincoln co also, TONS of coons & crows
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    Squirrel taxidermist???

    Everything is done gone crazy high
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    He needed another year
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    Found the match!

    Very nice find congratulations
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    Thoughts on your 2021 season??

    Much slower than years past deer numbers were WAY down about everything I saw a scrub buck 3-6 points
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    County kill numbers

    Very slow for me. Very few does several scrub buck s
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    Squirrel rut question

    Sitting in tree stands last couple of days I’ve noticed some squirrel s following each other closely behind like 3 -4 in a row, kinda like they was rutting , I always heard mid Jan around here was primarily when they rut ? Anyone else notice this behavior? What everyone thought on this?
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    Got him

    U made it count that’s a dandy congratulations
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    My first deer

    Way too go nice buck
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    Canned deer

    Yup last’s a very long time
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    My target buck

    If he makes u happy take him . He makes me happy
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    Fishing net for muskie????

    Clam brand Very pricey but aswome nets and safer for the fish
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    I’ve seen it all now

    Gotta say no
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    Fawn crop

    Yup lot of fawns here too
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    Interesting test

    Waterfall? I never made the connection
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    One mean doe

    Wow good for her and the rabbit
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    KDFWR to address deer / turkey concerns

    IMO there’s WAY to many coons ,when we’re getting 6-8 coons in one trailcam pic something needs done . I’m trying but seems like we need a much longer coon season or trying a yearound open season for a couple years.I think that will help turkey’s. or a bounty or turn in coon tails a receive a...
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    Sel way quiver for sale

    Sel way quiver for sale, in excellent condition got out of traditional archery and just don’t use anymore, bolt on model for take down recurves. Pick up in Lincoln co area $75

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