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  1. elkaholic

    Native persimmon trees

    The trees
  2. elkaholic

    Native persimmon trees

    The males will have morning wood. And I would also be interested in some of them.
  3. elkaholic

    Invasive trees

    They make good bows too.
  4. elkaholic

    Any fawns yet?

    I saw a little buck fawn last week.
  5. elkaholic

    Bless again

    I am 100% with you. I along with my wife put in every year but the last 2 and have never been drawn. This along with health issues is why I have given up. I guess it was never meant to be to harvest an elk. Good luck on your hunt.
  6. elkaholic

    Shed trap

    I tried it once about 10 years ago with a piece of woven wire. I bought probably 20 bags of corn and not 1 antler.
  7. elkaholic

    Alberta teaser bucks.

    I am ready too. When are we leaving?
  8. elkaholic


    It is a good idea to put one on though. I was told you can't blame the chinks for crappy gas, and that is a fact.
  9. elkaholic


    I bought the Hisun. It has done everything that I have tried to do with it. Only problem I nave had with it was the fuel injector got clogged. I ordered a new on from Amazon and installed it myself. I also put an in line fuel filter in it because that is not something they put on them which they...
  10. elkaholic

    Ky Elk Draw Deadline coming up

    I watched the drawing live 2 years ago and they said 6 people that have put in every year had not been drawn. I posted about it on here and more than 6 had put in every year and not been drawn. They flat out lied on tv before the drawing. I even brought that up to thee department and they denied...
  11. elkaholic

    Ky Elk Draw Deadline coming up

    No when you put you and the wife in for every hunt it is more. And if they had done the points system since the beginning at least all of the people who have put in every single year would have gotten a tag. in they beginning there wasn't 60,000 plus putting in every year and several years they...
  12. elkaholic

    Ky Elk Draw Deadline coming up

    I am done giving them my hard earned money. They can stick those un available elk tags where the sun don't shine. They should have done preference points since the very beginning.
  13. elkaholic

    Autumn olive

    Honey locust is another problem on my farm. They have gotten too big to bush hog.
  14. elkaholic

    2020-2021 deer harvest photos

    November 14, 2020, Pendleton county
  15. elkaholic

    Drawing results

    Ain't that the truth.
  16. elkaholic

    Coyotes protected

    Because you would also be trapping other animals besides coyotes.
  17. elkaholic

    Elk Lottery

    Yep could have went to Colorado probably a couple times with what I spent and actually got to hunt an elk. On top of that I used to attend a lot of RMEF banquets and have spent a lot more money on chances for elk tags they were raffling.
  18. elkaholic

    Elk Lottery

    All for me, the wife firearm bull and cow.
  19. elkaholic

    Not the Ending I was looking for...

    What a great deer. It wasn't the way you wanted to get him, but at least you got him.
  20. elkaholic

    Elk Lottery

    This would have been my 20th year too, without being drawn I might add. They didn't get a donation from me or my wife this year. I figured my chances are as good as the last 19 years.

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