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  1. rackhanger

    Deer processor ?

    Thanks for info
  2. rackhanger

    Deer processor ?

    Any processors near maysville,ky -lewis co? Thanks
  3. rackhanger

    Door seal quick fix for Covert?

    id try lubricating door seal -vas.
  4. rackhanger

    Storm Chaser

  5. rackhanger

    Game Camera's with Explosive Devices in Harlan

    funny right there:highly_amused:
  6. rackhanger

    Anyone know anything about these cams

    Not so sure of that ! Ordered a new united states of america flag and low and behold it was stamped made in china. Not sure how you would brand that.
  7. rackhanger

    Anyone know anything about these cams

    lol! What isnt these days ?
  8. rackhanger

    Anyone know anything about these cams

    Dont mean to hijack thread, Pat we could use some new hats our way !:eagerness:
  9. rackhanger

    Gorilla lives matter!

    Have to second this.. What a shame though!
  10. rackhanger

    Some early growth

    Definitely on his way .
  11. rackhanger

    Deer and horses ?

    Fencing is 3 strand barbed wire that is down is several places.
  12. rackhanger

    Deer and horses ?

    Howdy folks, im looking at buying 25 acres and i wanted to ask. If the owner currently has about 10 horses that he allows to roam freely on the property would this have a permanent affect on deer movement on the property? Thanks.
  13. rackhanger

    Iowa Late March ....

    liking the picture quality,thanks for sharing.
  14. rackhanger

    video compilation from the farm

    Very nice thanks for sharing:eagerness:
  15. rackhanger

    Hook up or you will be fined!

    How can i be forced to take this? Thats the part that i dont understand especially when there is nothing wrong with the system i have.
  16. rackhanger

    Hook up or you will be fined!

    Your right i might consider running away ! lol .Moving would be much cheaper.:eagerness:
  17. rackhanger

    Hook up or you will be fined!

    So guys ive mentioned this here before some time ago. Heres the story, local sanitation district comes by says they will be putting in public sewage and they need me to sign giving them easement to be on property in the event they have to come back and work on it after completion,so they say!Ive...
  18. rackhanger

    After Season Survivors

    I see potential there, that 8 is definetley on his way pretty buck there .
  19. rackhanger

    Iowa Carcass Cam ... Video Edition

  20. rackhanger

    Iowa Early Feb Carcass Cam ... Pic Edition

    Thanks for sharing :eagerness: