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  1. BunnyBuster

    Mountain Curs

    I'd like a cur that would tree a coon. Been looking hard. 606-202-1579
  2. BunnyBuster

    Where to buy a used boat in Morehead area?

    Thanks. Ill check these guys out
  3. BunnyBuster

    Where to buy a used boat in Morehead area?

    Im looking at boats in the morehead/grayson area. Having a hard time finding a dealer online. Does anyone know some places to look.
  4. BunnyBuster

    James first fish!!!

    Good job little man. Way to go dad. Keep em interested in the outdoors.
  5. BunnyBuster

    Heat Pump Issue

    Sometimes a good cleaning or new filter will help it run more efficient. Proper sizing is very important in HVAC. A loose duct is a killer too. Sucking air from under a house instead of in the house. Sorry, whole other issue.
  6. BunnyBuster

    KY Lake

    You guys kill me!! After just coming from there. Someone give me a job. I need more western KY. All we have here is monster bucks. What a tradeoff.
  7. BunnyBuster

    Where can a kid catch a few at Barkley

    Got several bass yesterday evening twitching a senko. My boy wore em out on mill worms. He fished almost 4 hours yesterday! I would like to see the tailwater but I might not go home if I do. I heard it is top notch action. If you guys ever get fed up with fishing around here come to...
  8. BunnyBuster

    Where can a kid catch a few at Barkley

    Made it here. My son caught 1 bass this evening. Cicadas are crazy here. We caught some and used them the one bass came off of one of them. Bass and gills were smacking them when they flew into the water. It was tough figuring out what lures to throw. Got some hits on spinnerbait and...
  9. BunnyBuster

    Where can a kid catch a few at Barkley

    Probably skip out on the tailwater stuff. Little too much for him and mom! The rip rap and all sounds good. I have some skipjack in the freezer and if he can catch some bass and gills it will keep him satisfied. I really appreciate the info it will help me pack.
  10. BunnyBuster

    Where can a kid catch a few at Barkley

    Thanks for the tips guys. Is catfishing that good below the dam?? Wow!! I'm looking forward to being around fishing water soon.
  11. BunnyBuster

    Top 10 signs you’re a RED NECK thread

    If you think all the good jobs start way too early!!
  12. BunnyBuster

    My new fishing buddy

    Teach her to catch night crawlers while she is short...Best time ever. Congrats on a beautiful baby!
  13. BunnyBuster

    Where can a kid catch a few at Barkley

    Will be staying there and my boy was wanting to go to the Lake and fish while I was in a meeting. Where is a good place close to the Lodge to catch some fish. His mother will be with him but they don't need anything very rugged. Will be bank fishing. Some gills and bass would suit him fine.
  14. BunnyBuster

    Your kid getting a spanking in school

    I got it at school and home and am now near perfect:cool:. My mother was a special education teacher who also got to deal with discipline problem children so she was very capable of busting a butt.
  15. BunnyBuster

    marine grade plywood

    this is what i use i love it
  16. BunnyBuster

    Heading to Kansas Rabbit Hunting

    Always wanted to. Let us know how it turns out.
  17. BunnyBuster

    The Big One!!!!! It Could Be On It's Way

    WSAZ knows how to keep its viewers watching.
  18. BunnyBuster

    Snack time for My little dog

    If you cut back ont the treats for that beast then maybe you could afford some PJ's for the kid on the couch:) Just kidding nice looking pooch.
  19. BunnyBuster

    aluminum v-hull modification?

    I once used spray foam to solid it up around the edges. The last time I just used wider carpet and layed it up the edges of the boat.
  20. BunnyBuster


    How much does it cost your plan. Is it a data fee for internet use?