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  1. BunnyBuster

    Where to buy a used boat in Morehead area?

    Im looking at boats in the morehead/grayson area. Having a hard time finding a dealer online. Does anyone know some places to look.
  2. BunnyBuster

    Where can a kid catch a few at Barkley

    Will be staying there and my boy was wanting to go to the Lake and fish while I was in a meeting. Where is a good place close to the Lodge to catch some fish. His mother will be with him but they don't need anything very rugged. Will be bank fishing. Some gills and bass would suit him fine.
  3. BunnyBuster

    UK Cats on the Net

    Where can I watch the Cats on the internet for Wednesday's game?
  4. BunnyBuster

    Fox Valley Lake

    Just found out that a small lake I fish all the time in Fleming County is going to be drained to do work on the dam. 14 month project that is set to be started as of now. Looking at being stocked back in 2012! OUCH!! This was a good small lake for my little boat. Would like to find...
  5. BunnyBuster

    Who has made the B&C club?

    Just wondering how many of you all have killed "trophy" deer, according to the Boone and Crockett scoring method. It don't have to be the all time book.
  6. BunnyBuster

    Deer Ammo Problems

    I bought some of the Hornady Lever Revolution shells for my old 30-30 for my son to use. It snaped on a couple of them when we were sighting it in. I gave it a good cleaning and then fired 2 more shells in it and it done fine. We went Sat. morning and he snaped on a big doe and then...
  7. BunnyBuster

    Squirrel Opening Day Results

    My son and I are going in the morning(I'm just the spotter). A friend is going to video for us. Post up your first day results. Good luck.
  8. BunnyBuster

    Another CCW Thread

    Didn't want to hi-jack the got pulled over thread. I had a question. Is it legal to carry a gun in a case without a CCW permit?
  9. BunnyBuster

    John Wall making money now

    Yeah, I think 1 year was enough. There is plenty of UK grads that won't make that in a lifetime. Former Wildcat guard John Wall has reportedly signed a lucrative endorsement deal with Reebok. Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Wall and...
  10. BunnyBuster

    Got more manpower for the Cats Oh my gosh, Tubby could win with this group.
  11. BunnyBuster

    Fishing Show...Denny Brauer

    Here is a link to a fishing show coming up. It is in Ohio about 10 minutes from the Greenup Lock and Dam. Denny Brauer is going to be there along with some other speakers. It is usually a good time.
  12. BunnyBuster

    Hunting Spot Type

    The thread (phillipfleek) with pictures from peoples stands got me thinking. How many of you guys hunt in field edge type areas or open areas in the woods? I'm used to hunting in the woods but got a chance to hunt a spot in the field edge type of spot this year.
  13. BunnyBuster

    Shedding horns already

    I found one Saturday and a boy hunting with us killed a buck without horns also. That propmted my buddy to go shed hunting yesterday (Sunday) and he found 3. My brother in law also had a dog drag one in last week. These are all totally different locations. It kind of shocked me to see...
  14. BunnyBuster

    Tiger Woods to star in new movie

    White Chicks II (or more)
  15. BunnyBuster

    Wildcats on dish??

    What channel is the cats on Dish Network? I just switched to them this summer. The FS south/big blue network games is what I am refering to. The only thing I can figure is the Fox Alt channels.
  16. BunnyBuster

    My Son Limited Out Finally!!

    My son finally got his limit on squirrels last Saturday. He is 10 and has been hunting bushytails for about 4 years now. He has killed 5 a couple different times but finally got his limit. He was tickled and to say the least, SO WAS I!! Here is the harvest. I'm also sending this to our...
  17. BunnyBuster

    Who's getting flu shots?

    I think my family are all going to get a regular flu vaccine but not sure about the swine flu vaccine yet.
  18. BunnyBuster

    Obama Approval

    With an open mind and not based on pre election opinions, what is your approval rating on Obama to this point?
  19. BunnyBuster


    What is a good free Malware program on the net?
  20. BunnyBuster

    10 pointer "snuck" up on me

    I let the 10 pointer status sneak right up on me. I tought about my 1000 posts and broke them down. First 250 - mostly ignored erratic posts about nothing Next 250 - argured with people that you can never argue with (politics, religon, basketball, etc) Next 100 - Mostly just lies about...