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    Sandhill Crane Season Changes

    For the sandhill crane hunters on here, I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware there are a number of changes for this season. The most important change at the moment is the change in the application period. Instead of the last 2 weeks of November, the application period is now during...
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    Potential Ballard Closure

    Before you head to Ballard this week, I would check with the WMA or check the KDFWR website. Ohio River flooding potentially means the WMA will have to close!!!
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    New Quail Plate

    I looked to see if this had been posted anywhere else on the forum and I didn't see it. My apologies if it has already been posted. For thouse of you who haven't seen it, there will potentially be a new Kentucky specialty plate in 2008 featuring a Rick Hill painting of quail. The printing...