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    Winter wonderland

    Winter is sure looking good from Florida. We caught some good amberjack and almaco. Good way to escape the snow at home. sent from the doghouse
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    Snow break.

    Hope the snow aint too bad to bring these fillets back. sent from the doghouse
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    There goes rabbit season

    sent from the doghouse
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    Amberjack and bluegill

    Just got back from Florida. Caught about 100 big bluegill on lake ponsett and spent a day in the Atlantic catching Amberjack 270 ft deep. We also threw a Daytona 500 in there for good measure. sent from the doghouse
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    Bernheim deer

    sent from the doghouse
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    Mount back from Sempt.

    The velvet ten pt. I killed on opening day. Donnie Durbin mounted it and I made the liquor cabinet. Wanted to do something a little different. sent from the doghouse
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    Water thief

    Just heard of a weird theft. A buddy came home from work today and a neighbor told him somebody was sneakin around his back yard. He went out back but didn't see anything. He noticed a water hose hooked up running through his yard. He followed it all the way to the other neighbors cistern...
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    Opening day ten.

    At 620 this evening, this deer came in with 6 other bucks. He was the lead deer and was the biggest of the group. Shot him going to a salt lick in a pinch point on the way to a small soy bean field. 23 yd shot and a 40 yd recovery. Got to actually start skinning before dark. Mowed some grass...
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    Coyote question.

    Had 8 coyotes within bow range last night. Killed 1 but was wondering why so many together. Ive never seen that many in a pack before. Could it be a family group that big? sent from the doghouse
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    2010 Velvet crab claws

    I took this 10 pointer on Sept. 20 still in velvet. The date on the camera is wrong. He's a ten pointer, roughly 140ish.
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    Nebraska Merriams Hunt

    Our six hunters took 2 birds a piece and 1 guy with us took a third bird as a bonus. This was a 3 day hunt and we were all done in a day and a half.
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    Killed out

    Killed my second bird of the year at 705 this morning. I had 4 longbeards come in right off the roost. The one I killed was small at 17 lbs. But it had a 9 1/2 inch beard and 3/4 inch spurs. A good 2 yr old. Both of my gobblers have weighed under 20 lbs this yr. Thats kind of unusual for...
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    insert glue

    I'm changing to fixed blades for the first time in years. What kind of glue works best with carbon arrows to allow you to tune the broadheads. I've been using two part epoxy with my mechanicals and I never had to worry about turning the insert after the fact. I always used hot melt with...
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    Trophy room

    These are some pictures of part of my trophy room.
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    Edmonson County Monster

    This deer was killed in Edmonson County by Ricky Brown.
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    Great opening day I shot this ten point velvet buck opening morning.
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    last year's hoss

    This was taken last year.
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    Bernheim Quota Hunt

    It was just released today that Bernheim Forest will be having their first quota hunt in many years. The first 300 callers will be awarded a spot in this great hunt. Call fast the spots will go quick. Have your credit card and Hunter safety card handy!!! The number is 1-800-deer-tag