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    Paintsville Lake

    I hunted til around 2 when the wind starting picking up. Saw a lot more sign than I expected after hearing reports of possibly 80% of the deer herd gone during the ehd outbreak. Heard several shots. Ended up just seeing 2 small bucks and one doe. Drove around the lake when I left and saw a...
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    Paintsville Lake

    I'm hunting paintsville as well. Jumped up 2 small bucks around 10am. Nothing since. A decent amount of shooting going on though
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    NFL players paid to thank troops

    Saw this on the MSN news feed this morning.
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    NO POLITICS! What really chaps your azz?

    Tree huggers!!!!
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    can't seem to stop the trespassers

    Im Yea that's the same set up I was referring to. Next time Im around one of the gates Ill take a pic .
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    T/C Venture 30-06 For Sale

    Price drop! Take 400 for it ..Thanks
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    can't seem to stop the trespassers

    The box you mentioned building around the lock works well around the house and around all the strip mines in my area. Just build it to where they cant open the bolt cutters wide enough to cut the locks.
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    T/C Venture 30-06 For Sale

    Thompson Center Venture chambered in 30-06. Has the synthetic stock with the weathershield barrel. Also has a silver Nikon Prostaff 3x9x40 on it . $500 located in Pike County
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    We have been on the Carnival Fantasy out of Charleston twice to the Bahamas. It is a nice trip and we always enjoy it. Most of the Carnival ships are the same layout but we try to leave out of Charleston because its a closer drive.
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    Caliber question

    Yea im familiar with the 300 win short Mag. It just threw me off when he said it was a Weatherby short Mag
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    Caliber question

    Stopped at the local pawn shop today to check out some rifles and came across a great deal on a Kimber 8400. The guy working the counter said it was chambered in a 300 Weatherby short mag and the barrel is stamped 300 wsm. After doing some searching i can find very little info on that caliber...
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    C.O. Ability to question you while hunting

    People with the attitude you have towards CO's and other officers are usually the ones that have something to hide. I would actually like to see CO's check licenses more often . Doesn't bother me a bit .
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    C.O. Ability to question you while hunting

    Not really, I would just show them my license, registration, and insurance and go on my merry way
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    C.O. Ability to question you while hunting

    I can't imagine anyone having a problem with having there license,tags, etc checked unless they're doing something they shouldn't be.
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    Sunday roll call

    Out in pike county this morning. Been quite so far.Saw a doe and a pair of fawns yesterday and a small 6. Hoping a hot doe will come through. Prepared for another all day sit
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    Ok who's out

    In the stand pike county. Nothing but squirrels yet. Winds picking up but still a great morning to be in the woods
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    Who is out this morning

    Jumped a few does walking in this morning. Other than that its been pretty quite. Had alot more activity on yesterdays camera check so hopefully theyll be on there feet soon
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    Saturday morning rolll call

    Yea no action in pike co for me either. Coming a pretty good shower right now
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    Anyone hunt in Lawrence Co?

    Just curious if anyone on here hunts in Lawrence county. Ive been looking into leasing some property in the Webbville area. How is the hunting in that area if anyone hunts near there? Thanks
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    anyone know of a good taxidermist in southeast ky

    G&E taxidermy in pikeville does real good work. 6062531455 is the contact number