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  1. Stufferman

    Unit 3

    I see that Unit 3 went from 5 regulated areas to 2. Leatherwood and Laurel tract both gone? Leatherwood was supposed to have some good elk hunting.
  2. Stufferman

    Early season deer

    Hart Co deer
  3. Stufferman

    Week 2 Bull

    My son pulled a week 2 Bull Firearm tag. Now, the key to it all, if he can just pull a good unit.
  4. Stufferman

    Bobcat mounted yesterday.

    Lots of grooming still left to do.
  5. Stufferman

    Unit 4 public

    Am I wasting my time with public ground in Unit 4? We spent the day looking at a couple of the Robinson Forest tracts and the Wells Hunting area. Wells tract looks to be cattle ground. Not much sign at all. If anybody has any leads it would be appreciated.
  6. Stufferman

    Another bobcat mount.

    Pretty popular pose here
  7. Stufferman

    My sons 2020 youth buck

    I recently mounted his last youth season buck.
  8. Stufferman

    Bobcat mount

    Bobcat I recently mounted for a customer

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