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    Survey says,!!!!!! Calendar ducks are a real thing.

    Hunt: 45 days is the moderate package for the Mississippi Flyway. Because of the knife edge of our current regulatory packages, a moderate package is VERY unlikely to every happen. We would certainly jump from liberal (6-birds for 60 days ) which we have had for 20+ years to restrictive (3...
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    Survey says,!!!!!! Calendar ducks are a real thing.

    I think I disagree with you on this. Zones create more pressure on ducks than almost anything I can think of. States in the MF are supposed to have a 60 day hunting season. Look at IL to our north. Their duck season starts October 23 (North Zone) and ends January 25(South zone). 94...
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    Survey says,!!!!!! Calendar ducks are a real thing.

    Sorry to come to this thread late. I have a couple comments on this to maybe help clarify. 1) Duck hunting days in February (excluding special seasons) are not ever going to be allowed by the USFWS. Kentucky hunts the latest day possible under federal frameworks (Jan 31). 2) KDFWR conducted...
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    2021-22 Quota Hunts

    Four people in the blind hunting or not. So the boys can absolutely go but the count as one of your party (which is a max of 4 on public land in KY)
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    Whistling tree ducks?

    The birds are black-bellied whistling ducks. As you have said, they are traditionally a tropical weather species but in last 30 years have made massive range expansion north. Louisiana now has more than 30,000 breeding black-bellies. They have been steadily moving north with the first nest in...
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    Early Season Dates

    From Regulation : (d) Wood duck, beginning on the third Saturday in September for five (5) consecutive days; (e) Teal, beginning on the third Saturday in September for nine (9) consecutive days; Because of the very narrow window afforded...
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    Explain the Scaup daily limit

    smashdn: In this case what could the have the Dept. done differently to show they care about duck hunters (diver hunters more specifically). The Feds gave the Mississippi Flyway a framework for the season that Kentucky has to live within. Kentucky had 3 options 1) a 60 day season of one scaup...
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    Does Ky recognize electronic federal duck stamps?

    They are recognized in Kentucky. There are two things to keep in mind if you get an electronic stamp. 1) The paper stamp supercedes the electronic stamp. Once you receive the paper stamp, you need to sign it an put it on your license. A valid electronic stamp and unsigned duck stamp could...
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    Explain the Scaup daily limit

    To answer your question, it is because the harvest management model for Scaup prescribed a Restrictive season based on last summer's survey numbers. Scaup numbers were down and have been down for a few years. In the Mississippi Flyway, the Restrictive prescription is a hybrid season with 15...
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    Sandhill Crane Season Changes

    For the sandhill crane hunters on here, I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware there are a number of changes for this season. The most important change at the moment is the change in the application period. Instead of the last 2 weeks of November, the application period is now during...
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    Upcoming Sloughs changes

    It is certainly understood that people might not be able to hunt all 5 days. When a party is drawn, they will be given specific instructions on how to complete the check out. The priority is not to get folks in trouble, but is to gather information on the quality of the hunt they experienced...
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    New Ballard Hunt regulations

    That map is a work in progress at the moment. There is still have a little time before the Season begins in December. There will be more than 14 units. Making sure those units are clearly delineated to hunters in the field is challenging and it is important to get that part right in the...
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    New Ballard Hunt regulations

    bmason: It is not a loss of hunting opportunity. The number of blinds hunted per day at Ballard has been 14 for at least the last 10 years. It will be the same for this coming season. The changes allow hunters more flexibility while hunting at Ballard. There will be the traditional blinds...
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    Dog Training

    I agree with much of the advice you have gotten here. I don't have anything new to add but there are a couple things I would like to emphasize. You are probably pushing too hard. I suspect because you believe you are going to take the dog hunting this season. It was said before, but I'm...
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    Sea ducks

    I'm jealous. Truly one of the most enjoyable hunts I have ever done. Expect windy, wet and cold. Work on your rock climbing skills (we had to climb down rocks 15 feet after tide went out which is fun when they are wet and slick). If you are layout boat hunting, makes sure you are comfortable...
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    Working Dogs Thread

    I'm missing something here I guess. A four month old shouldn't have had any training other than basic obedience and citizenship and surely shouldn't be on a cold water duck hunt. Did you mean 14 month old???
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    Annual Sandhill Thread

    It is not that simple unfortunately. The management plan for the Eastern Population of Sandhill Cranes is permit specific and was based on the tundra swan plan used in the Atlantic Flyway. A state may apply for crane tags up to 10% of their peak number of birds (an average of last 5 years)...
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    Senior/disabled License survey

    This topic was covered at the KDFWR Commission meeting a couple weeks ago. The survey that went out to everyone went out in several (4 if I remember correctly) versions. They asked current senior/disabled license holders how they felt about an increase to either $10, $20, $30 or the nearly $50...
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    Season dates

    Kentucky's duck seasons are always easy to predict while we are in liberal seasons. The last day of he season is always the last Sunday in January (per USFWS rules). There are 4 days at Thanksgiving so the other 56 days back down from that last Sunday. For this season, Dec 7-Jan 31. Next...
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    Anybody going to the hunt test May 17th & 18th Shelbyville?

    Just have fun!!! Don't worry about it!!! I've judged for years and seen every mistake in the world at every level...happens to all of us. Knowing the judges, they will be rooting for you! If you have questions do ask....the only dumb question is one not asked!!! Biggest mistake is getting...

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