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  1. HillBillyFiveO

    Tiller motor locked up

    I know this is an old post, but I have to say thanks to "Daking". A tiller I borrowed from a buddy, locked up. I wasn't sure what to do so I googled what to do. One of the first results was a link to this thread! Read thru, did as stated, and the next day, BAM!!! After a little effort...
  2. HillBillyFiveO

    It's WAR!!!!!!!!!

    If he is, he has a much larger problem than we thought!!! Floyd T.
  3. HillBillyFiveO

    It's WAR!!!!!!!!!

    See how silly this is?! POTUS may have some good things coming down the pike. On this issue, he is 100% wrong, and if he doesn't turn it around, he'll be a 1 termer. It truly is a shame you can't even admit/accept he's foolish in this action. Sad! Floyd T.
  4. HillBillyFiveO

    It's WAR!!!!!!!!!

    Based on yer simplistic intellect, he is best buddies with Rev Al, too! Should I show more????? A PICTURE is what you offer up as evidence that Donald didn't mean exactly what he tweeted?? Please tell me you aren't that phuking stupid!!!! Please tell me you have a better response to his...
  5. HillBillyFiveO

    POTUS declares war on Conservatives!!!

    Trump is taking hits for what Trump does to himself! He is the one trying to ram this down the throats of the American people. HE is out front saying this must pass. He is the one attacking true conservatives for a bullchit bill! All he'd have to say is take yer time, lets get this right...
  6. HillBillyFiveO

    POTUS declares war on Conservatives!!!

    Agreed 100%!!! Mitch and Ryan have failed the American people who put them in the position to make the changes. They jacked around for 8 years, and have NOTHING to show for it. Trump only reaps what HE sews, with his incessant tweeting! In another thread, I have a vid of Ryan, in 2016...
  7. HillBillyFiveO

    POTUS declares war on Conservatives!!!

    Of course he was, his savior wanted it to pass! Slobear has no defense for this, so he'll sling names and insults. He, and his kind, are unable to see the horrible things Trump has planned. Others can see the good, appreciate it, and yet critique the horrible. If you are a true conservative...
  8. HillBillyFiveO

    Pence being blasted for loving his wife

    That OPINION piece is worth less than bird cage paper! Falls in line with the "everything Trump is bad, and we must attack" mantra the left has on. Shameful VP Pence wants to a void potential "bad visuals" by having dinner or a drink with a female, by herself. The libtards/tabloids (include...
  9. HillBillyFiveO

    POTUS declares war on Conservatives!!! The biggest fear was Donald returning to his liberal roots, and falling into the "swamp" he preached against. He doesn't get his way, with an arguably shitty bill, and now he declares war on true...
  10. HillBillyFiveO

    LMPD officer down

    Sorry to hear the news. Our prayers are sent for his family, friends and co-workers. A sad day, indeed! Floyd T.
  11. HillBillyFiveO

    Yall sure quite

    That's your argument against " care is not a right.."??? Absolutely brilliant! If health care was somehow inferred to be a right, within the constitution, believe me, the libs would have exploited it long ago. It's not, and your only defense is to throw the poor kids argument...
  12. HillBillyFiveO

    Yall sure quite

    They had the bill they needed on 01/21/2017, all they had to do was send it over to the POTUS. HE ran on repealing O-Care! They ran on appealing O-Care! So why the issues! Spineless pieces of chit, if you ask me. And now they, and some here, want to blame the true conservatives for voting...
  13. HillBillyFiveO

    Yall sure quite

    Ryan is a phuking idiot! He and all of the other RINO's put together a bill that had NO support from conservatives!! They knew this. They had no support in the senate either. The ball-less wonders need to do what a majority of American people want, and REPEAL the entire bill. If anything...
  14. HillBillyFiveO

    What have you done that 99% of the people on this site can't say they have done?

    For what it's worth, I jumped from and airplane 80 times in one day, as a fund raiser for KY Special Olympics. Was lucky enough to have sponsors to raise $8,000.00+. Wasn't struck by lightning, but had it hit the microphone I was taking on, why dispatching at our old PD. Interesting night...
  15. HillBillyFiveO

    Chase Vibbert

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. A good friend of mine has a 12 year old grandson who has been recently diagnosed with lung/bone cancer. I can empathize with you. It will be a struggle. Great that you are there for Derek. Keep the faith and know Chase is in a better...
  16. HillBillyFiveO

    The Trump 2-Step

    Primary position : hate on anything "establishment" and "big money". Post election : fill some cabinet positions with "establishment" and Soros/Goldman Sachs former employees! Draining the swamp must have been a "bait and switch" mantra, too! He's made some good picks but his fall-back...
  17. HillBillyFiveO

    Mad Dog Mattis

    Absolutely agree! If Corker is still a serious contender, Trump should be roasted for it! How the hell can Corker even be considered, after the Iran deal. Holding out hope. Floyd T.
  18. HillBillyFiveO


    While Dem support may be nice window dressing, if they try to filibuster the SCOTUS selections (hopefully TRUE constitutional originalist selections), the Repubs need to enact the "nuclear option" like Reid did and require a simple majority vote. Screw what they want and what they threaten to...
  19. HillBillyFiveO

    Slobear, put up or shut up!

    Nah, the bet was never accepted. I will say I was wrong, tho. I wholly believed the "shit" in society would keep this mess rolling and Hillary would win! I am pleased with the victory, but now we'll see how it goes. Cautiously optimistic, I believe the term would be. Trump, like any...
  20. HillBillyFiveO

    Slobear, put up or shut up!

    My comment was directed to Barney, if you would have read it. He said " our life time..." So I merely pointed out Reagan was in my life time, was much more down to earth, loved America, so he must be a bit younger than I. Hell, I don't know him or his age. Based on yer reaction tho, I...