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  1. Mainbeam

    Getting closer

    I’m ready to go climb a tree.
  2. Mainbeam

    I’ve got mice problems! need help

    I thought the same thing.
  3. Mainbeam

    I’ve got mice problems! need help

    I use Just One Bite. They don’t stink and it’s yellow. It’s good stuff
  4. Mainbeam


    Chinadermics and I also ordered a pack of slick trick assailants. They performed fantastic in a test with other top broadheads. Their a hybrid and look to be bad medicine. Can’t wait to try them out.
  5. Mainbeam

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    I can taste the beer so I’m good for now. And I got enough beer to outlast the COVID 😂
  6. Mainbeam

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    I got the damcovid. Laid around yesterday. Already iced me down a 12 pack this morning. I’m fixing to get out and weedeat fence rows and drink beer to see if I can either die or get better. 😂
  7. Mainbeam

    Getting closer

    Sob eating me out of house and home
  8. Mainbeam

    31 bodies found at Indiana funeral home

    I literally laughed out loud. I guess I’m twisted but I did get a chuckle
  9. Mainbeam

    Getting closer

    I guess I’m gonna try to hunt him . Biggest thing I’ve found lol
  10. Mainbeam

    Getting closer

    He’s there all the time day or night hope he stays on this pattern
  11. Mainbeam

    Getting closer

  12. Mainbeam

    Chewing tobacco

    Grizzly wintergreen here. Chew a roll every other day. I fall asleep with it in and everything. I need to quit but damn I love it better than sex.
  13. Mainbeam

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Getting started today. Lol Cody was HOT
  14. Mainbeam


    Yes I’m still around. Son tagged out and ol pops has all but given it up. I spend most of my time at the lake camping when I’m not working. Daughters didn’t go either.
  15. Mainbeam

    White House confident in coming elections after French election

    If your happy with the way things are being ran with the current administration then your dad really should have pulled out :)
  16. Mainbeam

    Purchasing out of state.

    Yep wildcat is spot on. Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors all must be in working order. Fire extinguisher must be up to date and charged.
  17. Mainbeam


    ATN Thor LT with the 320 processor. That 1k dollar scope has the 160 processor

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