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  1. DH13

    Uh oh…

    AGREE why would anybody want to be a police officer. In this case these officers were wrong and proven so. Try to cover their tracks. First they had no search warrent second wrong house wrong people. Third tried to say they had a no knock warrent. The man they were looking for was 3 house down...
  2. DH13

    Nice 6

    I wouldnt pass him. Nice big 6.
  3. DH13

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Sitting up for another auction. For this weekend.
  4. DH13

    Place to set up for the US 127 Yard sale

    127 starts this weekend. I know some people has already sit up for it.
  5. DH13

    Bird ID

    Yep they are pretty Birds.
  6. DH13

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Worked an auction today.
  7. DH13

    35 Remington

    JUMP ON IT. its a steal.
  8. DH13

    35 Remington

    You can click on the ones I just posted full details and read more. Can see all about the guns I posted here.
  9. DH13

    35 Remington

    Marlin 336 35Rem 20” barrel made in 1974 NIB 99% condition (read more) GUN #: 953154008 SELLER: B AND B GA SALES: 1699 $1,499.00 Full Details 23 Image(s) Marlin Model 336 .35 Remington Lever-Action JM Stamped The centerfire Marlin Model 336 lever-action rifle debuted in 1948. Though that’s...
  10. DH13

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Bush hogged about 50 acs today. Some of it pretty rough. But got it done.
  11. DH13

    Joke thread

    Old man and his wife 50th wedding aniversry. They went to the same resturaunt they went to on their wedding night. Ate a good meal. Sitting there the man said,you remember what we did 50 years ago after we ate? She said yes we went out back and made love. He giggled up up for it? She said I...
  12. DH13

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Same here with me. I havent had pink eye in cows for years. This year seems to be catch up.
  13. DH13

    Cave Run Lake campgrounds

    Yeah. They say its a way for more people can go camping. Its OK with me. I have done booked a 14 day at Nolin lake for April. You can reserve spots there anytime of the year. Waiting till November to reserve a 14 day at Cave Run for last of April. November is when you can start reserving spots...
  14. DH13

    Deer feeder question.

    They are there. Ive seen a few around there in the county. Plus some in Bath county.
  15. DH13


    We let Deer hang 7 days in the walk in cooler.
  16. DH13


    We age ours 10 days in the walk in cooler. Right now with the cost of feed and slaughter bill. Cheaper to buy a side already cut up.
  17. DH13

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Raked 35 acs of hay for my nieghbor. Usually dont help him much. Unless he ask. But his rake was down.
  18. DH13

    Civil war reenactment

    Yes I enjoy those things. My great great left the farm in Scott county at 16 years old. Took the family horse rode to Lexington to join up with Morgan. His dad was mad about that. He rode with Morgan thru the war. He was captured along with Morgan. Sent to POW camp in Illinois. Where they...
  19. DH13


    My buddy bought a walk in cooler. We put it up. Mainly for Deer. But last 2 years we killed a Beef and 2 for 2 other people. Its A LOT OF WORK. We talking not killing for other people. Only just for us 2 now. To much work and time involved with a Beef.
  20. DH13

    Civil war reenactment

    Never been to one. But know some guys that do the reenactments. Im a member of Morgans Men. My great great grandfather was with Morgans raiders.

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