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    Old Marlin 55 royal canadian 16 guage

    Family member died recently and left an aunt this old bolt action shotgun. From a little research, I found they only made around 3000 model 55s in 16 guage, and they only made the canadian model for 3 years so Im assuming the number of the "royal canadian" models made in 16 guage would be much...
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    Making home made bedding pillars for boyds stock/savage axis

    Nothing at all wrong with it and I may slap it together and shoot it before going further. However, it's been my experience that typically, 1 moa shooters become 1/2 moa shooters after a simple pillar and glass bedding. Not always but usually. Usually the difference is seen at distances greater...
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    Making home made bedding pillars for boyds stock/savage axis

    Recently ordered my dad a new boyds stock for my dad's savage axis to replace the flimsy Tupperware stock. Most of the bedding pillars I'm finding are 9/16" and some people are having issues with the stocks cracking a little when drilling out the holes for the action screws to accommodate the...
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    Kentucky vs Florida tix

    So you actually have 2 profiles on
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    Iceman, you should be able to find a used 36 scag hydro walk behind for about that price. Seems like I see them frequently on CL. I know where an old 60" Bunton walk behind is that needs an engine for REALLY cheap. Like you spend $1600 for a new engine and you have $1800 in it kinda cheap. But...
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    On guard

    I'm not afraid of spiders except 1 specific time of day. When I am walking thru the woods before daylight on the way to a tree stand, I come close to screaming like a little girl. I REALLY don't like taking one of those to the face completely unexpected. Great pics though nock.
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    First dove hunt of the year!!

    That seemed to be the norm. I hunted a wma with 2 fields. One field had 4 guys and the other had 6 I believe on Friday. Weather was horrible but both fields were loaded with birds and we limited out pretty quick too.
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    Orlando Sentinel Daily Top 130 College Football Rankings 2017

    Lol...I don't think we will go 10-2, but would be very happy to be wrong. I think 8-4 is about the ceiling for this team this year if everything breaks out way. Was just replying to Timer about him saying he thought this would be Stoops last year, and I was assuming it was because other schools...
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    Orlando Sentinel Daily Top 130 College Football Rankings 2017

    Shut yo mouf. A 10-2 breakthrough season would likely have some Big names calling. If that were to happen though, the list of schools that he would leave UK for would be alot smaller than it would have a few years ago. Not that many jobs better than a being a division champ of the SEC. Think it...
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    Can anyone ID this tomato????

    Here in Louisville, we have a couple of GREAT farmers markets and a few that suck. The really good ones now each have several vendors selling only heirloom tomatoes. One guy even sells 15 or 20 heirlooms every week. He puts a little baker creek seeds packet on each basket so customers can see...
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    Any Softball players here?

    Wife and I played on a coed team with her work for the last several years but didn't play this season for the first year in quite a few. I just work too many hours and in getting too old and broke down to run like I once could so we quit.
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    Dove Hunting

    It's hit or miss. The public field I usually hunt didn't have many birds at all last year on opening day so I tried a new field. It wasn't worth a squat and I killed 5 or 6 birds. Most years I manage to kill a limit on opening day. Sometimes in an hour or so, sometimes don't get my last bird...
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    Conceal Carry Question

    Agreed and good thing to remember. In my situation, I did not re engage him in the front yard. Just waited for police in my truck. As coot stated, every state is different so don't assume CCW laws in KY will apply in other states.
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    Squirrel Season

    They are HAMMERING the black walnut in my backyard. Have been for about 3 weeks or so.
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    Charlottesville. Now Lexington?

    Sorry, you lost your turn by having all that "white privalage".
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    Conceal Carry Question

    I can relate a very similar story. For several years I mowed and did sales cleans on foreclosures. Many were in rough areas, particularly in the West End of Louisville. Because of that I was always armed. In one instance I walked into a house to do a sales clean and heard noise coming from...
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    A new kind of stupid....

    Pretty shameful to call such an intelligent, thoughtful, and generous man a "house negro" ,especially coming from a black newspaper. I guess calling him a "house nigger" would have been inappropriate but they can get away with "negro" because it was written by a black guy.
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    2017 Garden thread

    The best thing you can do is have good sanitation practices in your garden and rotate your crops so you don't grow potatoes in the same spot that you grew potatoes or tomatoes the year before. However, you can still get them sometimes. If you do and want a safe organic method, I have had good...
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    New at braid

    I don't use braid but I always use old mono as backer. How much new line I put on depends on the size of the spool. For instance, with like a abu 5500, I'll put about 2/3 spool of new line. That way, if I break off or get frayed line somewhere besides near the knot, I can lose some line and...
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    Vortex Scope

    Sorry but the rifleman is leupolds attempt to get into the cheap scope market and are made in China, unlike other Luepold scopes. They wanted to get into the Wal-Mart market. I'm not sure why a company with such an outstanding reputation would do that but they did. Vortex also has a great...

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