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  1. GunCat

    12/14 Roll Call

    That is a .50 caliber Pre Rev. War style flintlock rifle that I built 2-3 years ago using a Jim Kibler kit.
  2. GunCat

    12/14 Roll Call

    I spent a while out there. Any time I can get out is a good day.
  3. GunCat

    Big Red - Todd County's Legendary Deer

    This should take you to it
  4. GunCat

    2018/2019 deer harvest photos

    10 pt buck from the old family farm, also tagged some does with rifle, pistol and shotgun. If luck is with me I'll get a crossbow deer this year too.
  5. GunCat

    sbe broke

    Take the trigger group out of the receiver then see if the bolt will move properly. If it does see if the hammer will cock and release. A piece of shot or other debris in the trigger group could bind the hammer causing extra pressure on the bolt (the bolt moving back cocks the hammer after each...
  6. GunCat

    sbe broke

    Where are you located? I know a guy in west KY (near Hopkinsville) that knows Benelli guns.
  7. GunCat


    The Vinci and Super Vinci is a different animal, you can’t just screw an extension tube on the existing mag tube. The replacement/extension tube replaces the complete factory tube assembly. Nordic and RCI (the XRail people) both make what you need...
  8. GunCat

    So I called about the ole mans gun today....

    I recently (July) sent in a customer’s 700 for the trigger recall. Total time from leaving my place until getting it back was 30 days.
  9. GunCat

    rossi trifecta 20 ga barrel

    More than likely the barrel can be threaded for tubes. Most modern 20 ga guns have plenty of wall thickness left in the barrel. I know a guy that can do it for you. More info sent via Private Message
  10. GunCat

    No Firearms Sell??

    Really?.....The official email I received from NICS on 30- September stated that NICS would remain operational. I have called in checks in the past week with no issues. Things may...
  11. GunCat

    turkey gun time!

    I’ve often joked that we were killing LBL turkeys (before they populated the rest of the state) with the old Remington Express #5 loads - then the turkeys got together and all decided it would take a 2oz load to knock’em over :cool:
  12. GunCat

    trigger spring weight affects the force of primer strikes?

    The trigger spring in this case (AR) is basically just there to reset the trigger after it has been pulled. It has very little to add to the trigger pull weight (unless you go to a really heavy trigger spring). However, In addition to causing a harder. stronger primer strike, the heavier hammer...
  13. GunCat

    Benelli barrels...

    You might check the Multi-Gun and Classified section of the Brian Enos forum. Those 3 Gunners are always wanting something longer/shorter (especially in the M1 / M2 barrels). As you’ve found out, Benelli barrel don’t sell for 870 barrel prices.
  14. GunCat

    Armadillos: Are you seeing them right now ?

    Over 2 years ago I saw one in Christian county. When I reported it to F&W they mentioned while that was the first Christian County report they’d already had reports of them as far East as Barren county
  15. GunCat

    AR15.COM/ Rockcastle Pro AM 3-Gun Championship

    Coverage from WBKO
  16. GunCat

    AR15.COM/ Rockcastle Pro AM 3-Gun Championship

    Anyone remember this old post I made in 2008? I just returned from shooting in the largest 3 gun competition in the US and it all happened right here in KY at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park...
  17. GunCat

    1911 Lovers check this out:

    If that was a Commander model I'd probably bid on all the 5" guns I need already. :rolleyes:
  18. GunCat

    Newest Bobcat Mount

    I missed this one the first time around...but I've been laughing at it all day today. Anyone got a link to the grave robbing thread from a few years ago?
  19. GunCat

    Any safety course instructors here?

    There is a course in Livingston Co. on Dec 2-4. A bit of a drive, but you should only need to attend a few hours on the 4th.
  20. GunCat

    Best knives.

    The Cold Steel Master Hunter has been my choice for the past 15 years. I don't think I need to look for anything else.

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