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  1. broberts0031

    Dog trainers in ky

    Join your local hunting retriever club (pretty low cost), could be Tri-state hrc, Inducky hrc, or central ky hrc... I joined tristate in the summer and learned a lot from those guys, you will also get to know some of the guys and watch there dogs and see if you want them to train your dog( if...
  2. broberts0031

    Gunshy dog

    thats agreeable but be carefull not to let the dog break on a shot, that could cause other problems. bugel freak we havnt heard from you in a while have you tried any of this stuff or have you abandoned us because of our honest advise?
  3. broberts0031

    Added some more fullbodies to the duck spread

    those are sweet lookin decoys.....i checked there website out and really like there decoys and how u can pick what decoys u want to buy. i may spend a little more money and get somthin made in the good ol USA and get a mixed bag of deekes as well....sweet find!
  4. broberts0031

    Gunshy dog

    Sounds like u have a decent house dog.... Now put her under a shade tree and let her sleep inside in th AC.... After you've done that go find a puppy that's preferably under 8 months old and make this dog do what u want it to do, not what it wants to do. Starting with a puppy is the best...
  5. broberts0031

    Here is my new hunting buddy, BL, Male 8 weeks old

    Well congrats on the new addition and good luck on the training if u live close to Owensboro maybe we could do some training one day
  6. broberts0031

    Here is my new hunting buddy, BL, Male 8 weeks old

    Good lookin dog.... Looks cute right now but turn ur back for 5 minutes and something will be destroyed!
  7. broberts0031

    Picking out a dog question?

    like the dog beard u got there largefrag....i have a yellow female that does what i expect of her, a lot of it depends on the training. get with someone that really knows what there doing that can teach you how to teach your dog....also im gonna see if any of you have heard of this, someone...
  8. broberts0031

    Jeff Foiles "Crime Scene" goose call....

    i thought that video was going to be a did he get out of those sliver bracelets?
  9. broberts0031

    Purebred Puppies

    i registered my dog last month in UKC, she was already AKC reg. and i had no problem...look on AKC website and u can find info out, more than likely if its a purebread dog they will register it, u may have to send photos and more info about the dog if it hasnt been registerd. i kno that is how...
  10. broberts0031

    Decoy Tips And Tactics Video

    good stuff....repost dec. '11
  11. broberts0031

    LaCrosse Waders Warranty

    i would count on them leaking agian...i bought a new pair of brush tuffs at uncle lees and took one pair back to them and they said call the company if this pair guess what, they leak. now i have to send them to la crose....but it sounds like there pretty easy to get a long with
  12. broberts0031

    tips please

    i sent my dog to a profesional last week shes 8 months....just in 5 days he had her holding and carrying bumpers, brushes, duck dummies and 5 and 8 pound dumbells around. she would hold them, walk at heel with them, and release them on command....pretty good if u ask me, goes to show that if u...
  13. broberts0031

    Par 4 longnecks!

    a little diff then what i use....i usually use a Pro V1 i found in the bushes or jacked from limbhanger!!! nice pics
  14. broberts0031

    Par 4 longnecks!

    i just wanna kno what u shot on the back 9?
  15. broberts0031

    Past week or so in review

    sweet pics..hopefully we can hook up this week
  16. broberts0031

    Last week and a half in a nut shell.

    Amen to that...i see a lot more trips ur way in the future!!
  17. broberts0031

    This weekends Hen Killing

    ur dog stand up to pee like that all the time??
  18. broberts0031

    boat camo

    i'll second the reelfoot stencils...i painted my old boat with them, and used them on my new kyak...they look really good.
  19. broberts0031

    Repainting Decoys

    i agree with taking a long time it took me a while to get the dekes ready...they started out as GH widgeons and looked pretty bad, but a little time invested and i think around 20$ of paint they look a little better...
  20. broberts0031

    Repainting Decoys

    i painted some last year turned out ok...this is what i used helped a lot....i got most of my paint at changed some of the colors.

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