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    Selfish old rotten no good deer Hunter.

    Made my day, and his!
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    last 30 minutes of gun season

    That is a great buck and I am so glad you recovered him. Hats off to you and your buddy that put your time in on the recovery.
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    Granddaughter scores

    That made my day!
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    Deer tracking dog - pics?

    She looks awesome. See if you can get a good pic of here where her head isn’t blurry. Thanks
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    One proud Dad

    You can't beat that smile!
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    Deer tracking dog - pics?

    Gents, It blesses me to no end when I see you guys w/the deer tracking dogs offering to help. We have all been there when something wasn't just right and a bad hit happens. To shoot a deer and have it out there being dogged by coyotes and possibly go to waste just kills me!! I'd like for you...
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    Sika deer Killed November 2017

    That is too cool, congrats. I was in Ohio 10 years ago and pulled up a a guys place and a flippin' herd of axis does streamed across the gravel road in front of us. My buddy called the land owner and sure enough a game farm up the road had a bunch get out. You just never know what may show up.
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    Drone question

    I got to the woods for some peace and quiet as well as to hunt. I won't be using one. :)
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    Still/stalking deer hunt

    There is nothing more rewarding if the conditions are right!
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    Boot tracks, scent trails

    Pretty simple: Descent them first of all, then: Keep your rubber boots in a plastic tote and do not ever put them on until you are out of the truck at your hunting ground and put them on wearing gloves. Put them back in the tote before getting back in the truck. I shoot a shot of baking soda...
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    Hunting in the rain stories?

    Rain continued to pour as I sat in the woodlot, then it REALLY started pouring. I didn't have the $ for good rain gear so I was drenched and miserable. I decided I had enough and started across the giant open field to the truck. It was after noon anyways. It was pouring so hard you couldn't...
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    Buck fever

    I knew a guy years ago that was on-stand on a very windy day. He said the trees where just whipping and he was about to get down when he looked over and an absolute monster was 15 yards in front of him. He pulled up his gun and watched him walk off completely locked-up, then climbed down and...
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    I messed up Saturday morning

    Good luck on him man!
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    What's up with the bucks.

    I saw a few 1.5 and a 2.5 buck this week making rubs and sparring. They were moving the last 1/2hr of daylight in the woods picking up acorns. I have yet to see anything decent though, even on camera. Good luck
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    Stuff I learned about hunting while hunting

    You know walking on that old log across the deep ditch is a no brainer, even in the dark. There is NO WAY your portable stand on your back could catch a branch as you jump onto it causing you to to fall off into the brush and alert everything within 300 yards. :)

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