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  • Ha man I am still around you still have my ph # call when you want to talk. Happy new year
    Yeah, I'm just over the other side of Laden Trail about a mile from the Letcher line. and about 15 mins from Lewis Creek.
    hay jim told me to tell you that you were a wanta be coyote hunter . I cant see anything wrong with that. he is just mad because he cant call them in like we can.
    set up so you see down wind good . cross wind not like hunting deer much harder some times I go and kill 1 and I maygo 10 times and not . after you call the first one in that is it . its all over what a rush. I like to use a shot gun when I hunt by my self . it happens fast . they say A yote can you chamber a metallic round at 400 yds so you dont need it to loud. you need some hand calls. dont buy none till you see mine .you dont need anything fancy took my fawn bleat apart last year and used the reed to called in a yote wile bow hunting need less to say I missed. still fun
    hay just walked in we where on 3 jobs today . all with jimmy ray you know how that is . I was on cathy and jesie campbells land lots of yotes . I let my e-caller play 1min and wait 5min and play again cant go sat or the next 2 sundays wife has plans . after that we can go. never said what time you work day or nite ? best time to reach you?
    I will tell him in the morning he will get a big kick out of that. hay do like to rabbit hunt ? coyote #1 rabbit is#2 deer is #3 turkey #4 but I like to hunt everthing. love to bow hunt not much on gun hunting for deer. What kind of tree stand do you use?
    I work for my self . Me and my younger brouther work together . We are working for kyva med in whitesburg this week and next . dont get to go much in the week we work late or playing with the kids. mostly on sunday. I kinda have the upper hand on you my plumber- buddies know you and your dad . Jim and joe caudill he told me to tell you he taught me ever thing I know about hunting and calling the bush wolf.
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