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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    I’m mad at myself for not thinking to thaw out some venison for chili this weekend. Looks good!
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    September 24, 2022??

    I took two huge dumps today. So at least some sh!t went down.
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    Good Day

    Hey CP, do you take most of your pics from your property? Surrounding properties? Just wondering, not only do you post some nice deer but beautiful scenery as well.
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    Another Teacher/Coach Indicted

    I remember him from back when I coached. I could be thinking of the wrong person but seems like he was a pastor too? May not be him though. I am in no way defending the guy cause this is some sick stuff but one of the scariest things nowadays is that when they say your guilty, your guilty...
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    Deer Processing

    Like it better that way too. Just saying all I really do right now is make meat cuts and grind burger. I need to do some jerky. My old man always did his in the oven. He never liked dehydrators.
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    First Frost.

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    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Dealt with teen drama, adult drama, and BS all day. Gonna light the fire pit and have a beer. Maybe 40-11 like Meat.
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    Tool talk

    They don’t really have “heavy” stuff but Worx makes nice stuff. I got a trimmer/edger, a sander, and a power sprayer. Get on their mailing and they’ll send deals a couple times per month.
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    Why were chainsaws invented??

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    Deer Processing

    Same here. I actually like doing all my steak cuts, grinding, etc..but haven’t started on jerky and sausage yet. Will someday soon when I improve my space.
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    My grandson about busted my door off its hinges

    Didn’t see very many in the creeks where I grew up fishing. I’m sure they were there. Those creeks were smaller Ky River tributaries. Did some some whoppers in Dix River once.
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    I agree, pretty fish.
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    My grandson about busted my door off its hinges

    Dang! Gotta feed a big body close by then with all those gar.
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    My grandson about busted my door off its hinges

    A dandy! I’d be fired up too! I had a 3lb largemouth mounted that I caught while fishing a creek with my brother. Biggest one we’d caught out of that creek and it was a special place to us. A 4lb smallie is a whopper for sure. I can honestly say I’ve never caught a “big” smallie. Good for him!
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Got home early and was in the grillin mood. Spare ribs, peppers and mushrooms, bacon wrapped asparagus, some garden tomatoes and mashed potatoes. Washed it down with a brew or three.