Jun 28, 2012
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    1. bgkyarcher
      Call Hurley Combs and discuss with him. He will give you better info than I, as he is more familiar with the new rules on zones, etc. 606 271 1037. Tell him BG sent you, and good luck!!! Hope you get a monster bull!!!
      1. xbokilla
        Thanks for the info!
        May 20, 2019
    2. bgkyarcher
      Seriously, the outfitters will book up in a matter of days for rifle hunts. Don't delay. Good luck.
    3. 1wildcat1
      I read your post about the kydfw officer recommending a landowner to ask for permission to hunt. This year there is very little public land that is out of LEA (95% or > is LEA)I have scouted most of the options without finding much sign. Would you be willing to share some info on a landowner to ask for permission? Thanks.
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