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    Kids requested finger foods for New Years Eve

    My mom used grape jelly every once n awhile and we all loved it! Thx i had forgotten about that.
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    brinkman electric smoker

    Ive googled it and looked through who knows how many articles/blogs at ways to install a temp control device on my new smoker the ole lady got me for christmas. If any of you are familiar with this style smoker and have any advice(other than get a better one) i'd appreciate it. I'm wanting to...
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    What percentage of deer are Telechecked

    To play devils advocate here but my guess is the same folks that dont make a simple phone call, or now even easier online check of there harvest they definately wont go out of there way to stop by the check station. imo
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    bloodtracker flashlights

    Last year i bought one my mistake and tried using it tracking a doe. My buddy had a surefire and i never once saw blood with that stupid light where he could see it easily. We even tried looking at a spot of blood using the tracker light and could barely make out that it was blood. Junk imo
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    Who knows the details on license exempt for military?

    We dont hand out hard copy leave orders any more. If he can log onto MOL(he knows what that is) he can print off some paperwork stating that he is in a current leave status.
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    carbon fury and lumenok?

    Yes they will work. I have hurt coyote nicks in mine. U have to sand the shaft of the nick a lil bit as well as the end of the arrow and the inside rim of the nick end of the arrow. You can go on their website and there are instructional videos showing exactly what to do and how also.
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    Ballistic Tip Bullets

    I've used them for the last fifteen years or so and love em. Since i dont shoot much each bullet may go in and out of the chamber several times and they keep there shape easier and the expansion is dang good too.
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    Ozonics may be the real deal.... interesting article from fox news

    The nose of a whitetail deer has up to 297 million olfactory receptors, dogs have 220 million with humans limiting out with just five million. took that from a google search also saw an article from Auburn U. and Alabama A&M said the same thing.
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    you cant second guess every decision in the woods. Youll go crazy least i would!
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    Hunting WMAs (KNOX)

    yeah i got him
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    Hunting WMAs (KNOX)

    Far as im concerned if im going into an area blind i wont park next to another truck unless i talk to said hunter. If however(this past spring) i get to an area a day early to roost a bird and do and then opening morning someone is parked where i was going to i go in and sorry bout the other...
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    Ranges in Northern Ky

    I would suggest using the walk through range as the range pictured above has had the middle of the targets shot out by either thousands upon thousands of shots with field points or jacka---- using broadheads. If ya havent already been and noticed that.
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    Still on the hoof after 24 hrs. Think he'll make it.

    Just my two cents and why i asked rages are great for those double lung shots but after shooting one like yours and my buddy cutting himself on the blade a year later while dressing her ive gone to muzzy which have more bone busting ability than rage for those mistakes.
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    Still on the hoof after 24 hrs. Think he'll make it.

    Probably. What kind of broadhead?
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    Muck or lacross

    I agree got the same muck boots lst year after tearing my lacrosse's on some barbwuire and will prolly never go back!