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    Slow morning

    Slowest morning for me yet.
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    Looking For a Puppy

    We have one yellow male left out of my male and my hunting partner's female. Both are registered and out of good hunting blood lines. If interested let me know and I can send you any info you want. $450.
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    Maybe it will finally pay off.

    Put millow around the edges of mine this year with Jap Millet in the middle, but it's just sitting dry so far. Great stand this year if can just bet it to flood. Hopefully the rain tomorrow and this weekend fills her up.
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    Elk permit and hang tag

    Figured this out and just posting this for other's possible benefit if they run into the same problem. The information on how to get your hang tag in teh letter sent to you is likely wrong. To get your hang tag go to the elk quota hunt lookup by SSN. You can print your hang tag from there...
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    Elk permit and hang tag

    I was drawn for an Elk hunt and the instructions on the letter say I may visit the website's license sale webpage to pay the permit fee and print the tag. The problem is when I try that it isn't givign me the option to select anything related to elk except an out of zone tag. Anyone else had...
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    elk processing

    Anyone had an elk processed in the Louisville or E-town area? If so who did you use and did they do a nice job?
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    As good as it gets!!!

    Sitting in dove field now an my 5 year old just told me he doesn't think he wants to clean doves today because he doesn't want to put his thumb in their ass again! Never thought of it that way.
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    As good as it gets!!!

    My 5 year old is way into it and it adds a whole new level of enjoyment for me. Yesterday afternoon the 3 year old decided she wanted to dove hunt with us. Trying to keep them both entertained while keeping an eye put for birds was interesting. After several birds had slipped by with no shots my...
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    Elk broad heads

    Are we allowed to shoot elk with mechanical broad heads in KY? If so anyone done it? I've had zero problems with quality mech heads on whitetail, but curious on a bigger animal. Also I shot a Bowtech Destroyer 350 at just over 70 pounds, with a Beman 350 arrow, and 100 grain head. It shots...
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    New hunting partner

    Great looking little guy. It's always exciting to have a new pup.
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    Crops for fowl

    Controlling the water level is a little tough since I'm dependent on the rain. Once it's full I can let Li what I don't want through a valve, but can't add back.
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    Crops for fowl

    Deep end is close to 3 foot and tapers to nothing on other end. A friend owns it and I don't mind replanting each year.
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    Crops for fowl

    I have a small bottom I built a dike to allow me to flood it during season. What would be the best crop to plant in it? My plan as of now is to leave it standing and flood it close to season. Thanks!
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    Bullitt County DU Banquet

    FYI- Bullitt County DU banquet is March 31st at Paroquet Springs in Shepherdsville at 7:00 pm. Come on out and join in on the fun if you can!
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    Great news for those that hunt Indiana

    Not really convinced it's going to help those of us who hunt the Terre Haute area. This year it would have been good, but most things lock up much earlier than down here.

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