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  • What do you thank about the people getting in big trouble over dogs. Their are some rules that i did not know about. That is not in the trapping book.You would think that the department of fish and wildlife would be more clear. To keep the trappers safe . I found out that no trap can be set were a dog cat or any pet could get in it. If so you are responsbile even on privet land. So I dont thank there is a safe place to set a trap with out getting in trouble. It has me warred. I love to trap but I don't want to get put in jail over it.
    Yes sir, you are welcome to come with me. I'm probably going to set a few traps at Yellowbank WMA later on this week or next so we could hook up then. I dont have it figured out, they make a fool of me at times as well, but I think I can help you out.
    Hey Wolverine,
    Was wondering if you might have time before the season runs out to take a tag along with you one day and show him a thing or two? I'm a couple of years older than you, but many years behind in trapping. I live in Owen County, and could be down to your area in about 2.5 hrs. Would like to go with you when you are going to make some new sets sometime. I haven't caught the yotes that I expected I would around here. We have a lot of yotes, but there has to be something about my sets that they aren't liking. The only one that I have caught was on a set that had been out for an entire week. Anyway, just let me know. I don't want to get in your way, but I've got to get with someone that's got it figured out.


    Tony Dempsey
    Hey thanks for the reply and i have talked to louie i know him pretty well, hes pretty busy right now and hasn't had the time to show me alot of tricks to the trade so i was just seeing if any body else on the forum was around there area ..... but i view this sight day in and day out and it seems like your really good..... maybe one day i could make the drive to break county for some tips
    hey, i am looking to buy a few traps. got my post removed last week for it being a classified. any idea where i could get some 1.5, 1.75 and 2.0 to catch coyote, bobcat, and fox?
    hey bud. i live in etown. not a really experienced trapper. pretty good at catching possoums and skunks...tells you how good i am. :)
    the only traps i really want are the northwoods 1 3/4

    you can have the rest for $100 if you want them.... Let me know...
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