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  • Hey Guy understand you got big snows doing alright?
    Did you get a check from Billy Jack ?
    I haven't heard from hoptown cop
    what was his name & screen name I cant remember is he on KY.Hunting I looked on fins &fur thought he would pm me
    O well good luck with the snow
    Hi! good to talk to you
    I go to the doc Monday back to work soon
    want to get together and go Saturday ?
    have places we can go over here haven't scouted them to dog hunt used to deer hunt there
    have seen and shot dogs there or if you got a place
    would like to use center fire :)
    Thanks for the offer. I'll be 40 in feb and I've been hunting anything that moves since I was 10 or 11. I bought a js e caller years back but have used it mainly for crow hunting. Tried a mouth call when I was a pup but never had much luck. If you'd like to try out some of my spots some time, send me a pm with your phone number and I'll give you a call. I work as. Shift foreman at Honeywell in metropolis so it might be hard to get together but maby we can put the hurt on some dogs and cats sometime. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Yeah, I was just having a little fun with ya. It'll be at least 2 weeks before I get to hunt again. I'm in Allentown,Pa working. Good luck if you get out to hunt.
    That sounds great Wked we will definetly go this year. We will have to set a date betwen our work schedules where we can go. I've been bowhunting missed a Turkey but killed a doe with the Bear bow. I had a little spike come in but give him the FREE pass lol
    I know when the last google earth was taken. If you look closely at my place , you can see the buckskin horse my neighbor had at the time. It waas done in november five years ago and needs to be updated. But it being the fall of the year many more things show up when we need them most, Hunting season. Jimmie
    Not too crazy about it . It doesn't get as close as google I don't think. Then thre may be a diference in the time of year the photos were taken as well. I did look at one area that has botherd me some and may have a way in there to that group. Either way I go its' going to be one heck of a hike. Jimmie
    I'm thinking about maybe going to LBL Monday morning and do 2 or 3 stands before it gets hot!! You are more than welcome to go if it's where you can ? Just shoot me a message if you want to. I usually don't go till at least October but it's on my mind so much I can't stand it!!
    thats sounds like a good plan you got going on the spurs and yes we will go this year . I want to go to the WKMA , and we could go also to LBL , NO BS this year we really need to hook up and go. Im planning on going to the yote hunt they have in LBL this year where they all get together on a weekend in FEb. They are voting now on fin and fur wondering if they are going to keep the same dates or move it. I called yesterday to LBL to see about reserving their rifle range for Monday and it was booked from 11;00 -1:00 , you wouldnt think on a Monday it would be booked! Im going to call today and see if I can get over there, Im wanting to shoot my AR-15 , savage 17 hmr, and my little walther p-22. Im shooting my bow all summer waiting on bow seaason. Well , good to hear from ya and stay in touch. Im always on here ,Predator masters, southeastern coyotes, & fin & fur. SEE ,Ya LBLDOG ( Kelly Don)
    Did you ever go back to LBL and figure out the drainages? Yote season is right around the corner
    whats up wked , not much been shooting the bow a little in the yard . I m like you havent seen Jimmy or some of the others in awhile, dont know whats up! I will look at your question on the board , I will look for it, stay in touch ! IM on everyday looking and reading and WE never did hook upp and go hunting ,something we need to do in the future!
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