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  • those names sound familiar. we looked at 2 tracts and leased both but by the info i recieved on here sounds like maybe not such a good idea. oh well i have them for a year now. i can't speak for the tracts you mentioned but the ones we got look ok decent sign, nice people. i have a camera up on one tract now and was going up a week from tomorrow to check it . after that maybe i can tell you a little more. they did tell me on some of the other tracts had a lot of trouble with atv riding.
    No actually from Alabama here. We are going to look at the Chriswell tract and Betsy. So what did yall think about the land?
    we leased a tract off of hwy 776, i can't remember the name. NE of monticello. I live in NC. Are you from kentucky and which ones are you looking at?
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