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  • Went to your farm to scout tonight. Food plot is coming up. I put out 50lbs corn in front of my stand. Please tell your buddy where I will be...seen 0 deer and was there at prime time...guess I will see what is going on when season starts...
    Hey man,
    I seem to have had some difficulty with accepting the friends request. Anyway, i have been muledeer hunting in nebraska all last week so i havent checked up on the site in a week or more.
    I see your from centertown. How are the deer doing over there? It seemed the took a big hit from EHD last year. I hunt mostly over around the coal plant.
    Me and my brother usually come and camp out and bow hunt for a week. I dont know if he is going to make it this year. I am coming up to hunt the Oct. -30 thru Nov. 6
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