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  • Ha Valley, It's that time of year again. I like to ask you if you know anything about Area 89A . We got it the first weekend. Any info appreciated. Thanks, Bowhunter 49
    Just got back from Green River WMA ,
    no acorns, to warm,windy and bright,
    didn't see Ol' biggin', but he was there.
    Sunday morning a little basket rack 8-pointer walked across the back yard at the house.
    Just got back from LBL without any meat. Saw a few and even drew a little blood, made a bad shot, what's new. You been seeing any of kill anything. Went up on the side of the hill for a few minutes this morning. Knocked my sight off and had to come out. Not much sign over this way, not seeing many deer around here. You seeing any over your way. What's the latest on the 14 pointer, seen him anymore.
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