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    Ballard county dog motel

    We are going the 17th and 18th and I believe we are stayin at the Drury Inn in Paducah, for a little extra money you can bring your dog in with you and its about a 30 min drive in the mornings
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    Hunter Specialites Hitman layout

    you can adjust the height on the finishers and the M2 is another that im pretty sure doesn't fold up very well. ive hunted with people who own all sorts of layout blinds but i've seen that from tha aspects of blending in, comfort, and folding up for transportation the ground force and the...
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    Slaughterfest this morning

    some more than others though;). PW
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    Sad Day - Benelli Busted on me

    I had the same thing happen to my 11-87. Sent it to remington and they sent me a new barrel immediatly. I think mine happened from letting the gun ride where the stock was on one level the end of the barrel sat on a higher level so the end was supporting alot of the weight. But thats someting...
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    Slaughterfest this morning

    i heard someone didn't wake up and needs to quit callin people out when he wasn't even there when he was supposed to be. Can't kill em in bed.
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    look at these liberals Saw this link on the refuge and thought i would share These guys better not try this in northern kentucky or that parsail will be missing a couple primaries like some of the geese i've seen this year
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    new and excited

    man you obviously have never called in a group of ducks. Doin work on your call and persuading birds to land in your decoys is a great feeling. Then when you pop up and those ducks have no clue what happened until they are upside down in the water. That feeling of success is far greater than the...
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    new and excited

    yea glad you know all the rules about a sport that so many people take so seriously then get on a public forum and brag about your poaching. Settle it down a little bit and learn about what your doing before you end up in trouble
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    Blinds @ Ballard

    Can't say i blame ya, nothin wrong with doin it right. If i had the funds and lived down there i would do the same thing.
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    whats everyone shoot

    hands down best 3 in shot is heavy shot its just too expensive for me to shoot.
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    Blinds @ Ballard

    Personally i like 102 and any others in that field or the ones around shelby lake. I'm not a big fan of the terrell fields because we never see the same amount of birds ove there that we do near shelby lake. But it all depends on when your down there and how many new birds are there. It is all...
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    arkansas hunting

    yea the cabin is on the black river and we hunted the rice fields near by and kill tons of ducks every year
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    whats everyone shoot

    Remington 11-87 super mag. Kicks high flyer mod and Kent 3 1/2 in BBB for bring down those big honkers tht northern kentucky has a lack of.
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    Yea was there last weekend and it wasn't that good. Birds were all blind shy and had a predeterminded destination. The first day we were in the terrell fields and killed 4 and didn't see many ducks for 70k being down there. The next day we were in blind 102 behind shelby lake and saw tons of...
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    Duck/Goose Guides

    Mallard Point in Paragould AR is amazing. we killed 102 ducks in 2 mornings this year and the lodge is amazing.