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    Who fall hunts?

    Glad to see you back Multi, hope things heal quickly !! Thank you for the above quote!! Finally someone who agrees with me on the harvest off some hens during the fall season.
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    Who fall hunts?

    Can't wait. I started fall hunting a few years ago because I was seeing turkeys all the time while deer hunting. I only deer hunt with a bow and was at a point where I wasn't deer hunting that much for personal reasons. Well I got my first bow kill on a turkey and I got the thought:rolleyes: ...
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    Spring turkey Harvest decline, again??

    When fall gets here we will have to get together. I would be more than glad for us to get to hunt together. Fall hunting is great and to gun hunt behind a good dog makes it better. You have to pack your own camera and tripod !!:D
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    Spring turkey Harvest decline, again??

    AGREEDED >>> skin_dog1 , I don't enjoy fall hunting cause there is no gobbling involved, <<< After being skunked for the first time in 6 years in KY and only haveing 4 gobblers gobble other than at LBL (and that is another issue) at least in the fall you get to hear many different sounds...
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    Spring turkey Harvest decline, again??

    >>> I do however believe that the current limit of 4 fall birds has the potential to harm the overall population when the crossbows start getting real popular.<<< >>>4 1/2 months to happen upon 4 turks is a long time! <<< Can only take 2 birds in that 4 1/2 month period with archery gear ...
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    Your leader is very seriously ill!

    Prayers are sent ot ya multi !! Get well soon.
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    Spring turkey Harvest decline, again??

    This is the 1 part I agree with. We have got to start thinking QTM here guys !! One thing that a very wise man who is no longer with (thought of him often in the woods this spring) told me a couple of years ago was "gonna have to start takeing them hens during the fall season". I may step on...
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    Need info please

    Jimmie, is his first name Jack? If that is who it is I can probly get his addy and phone # for you. I won't be back on here till after this weekend after tomm night though.
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    I got the weekend hunt also. Everywhere I have been is covered up in tire tracks getting there and then human tracks there. I have 4 spots picked out and lets hope no one else finds them between now and Sat. morn. Plowboy, you just makieing the trip over the bridge or are you going to stay...
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    Here's something to get ya'll fired up!!!

    Way to go !! Figures that you must be doing ok since hadn't heard from you since you went to TN. Congrats
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    16-17 LBL quota

    Anyone else get drawn for the 16 & 17 for the LBL qyota hunt? I will be there with 3 other friends and was wandering if anyone else had gotten drawn. Have seen where some had gotten in the first hunt, but was trying to see if anyone is gonna be there during the weekend hun.
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    Birds Talking in NKY

    They be gobbling and breeding here in West KY !! Went out Sat after rain and seen 7 different gobblers, all strutting and gobbling. Stayed about 45 min watching the bird I plan on going after and in that time watched him breed 2 different hens. Come on april, 15
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    Little Pbeyer scores

    Way to go little p and dad!! Nice bird and I'm sure you got a hunting partner from now on. Tell your son congrats !!
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    Clubs against expanded crossbow use

    I for one am more than happy for the crossbow passage. I don't gun hunt at all so now I have another weapon that I can harvest animals with. Yes, I would boycott someone thats boycotts something that I am in favor of !!
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    LBL Quota

    Well when I got home from work the permit was here. Yea !!:D

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