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    Duck holes

    That is one awesome picture I must say!
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    Here is a thought

    I just think there's more important things to be brought up than shooting after 2pm on the last day. Majority of the wmas aren't worth showing up to hunt much less hunting after 2pm.
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    First time duck hunting

    Congrats! Looks like a nice black duck in there too!
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    Here is a thought

    I agree, but there is more important issues. Maybe baby steps would help though.
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    Here is a thought

    That would require effort.
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    Good times with good friends.

    Thanks. Yep it is, saw several today. They never quite work like them blue bills though.
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    Good times with good friends.

    Picture ended up upside down somehow.. Ha
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    Good times with good friends.

    Finally had a good diver shoot this year.
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    Team Outlaw, What kind of rig is this?
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    Backwater Trespassing Law...

    That wasn't my point at all.
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    Backwater Trespassing Law...

    You can definitely tell which ones are landowners in this thread.
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    Who Is A Lynyrd Skynyrd Fan?

    Ronnie Van Zant the songwriter carried a gun often from what I've read and there's stories of him pulling it on band members when they didn't want to practice anymore. As ironic as the lyrics from " that's smell,"that goes against the entire bands lifestyle.. Btw gimme back my bullets referred...
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    Don't let them fool you...

    Never take advice from Hoosiers. Everyone knows that.
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    Sticking my neck out but....

    And this means...?