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  • deer hunting on the game farm saw 4 grouse on a trail marked them on gps lots of cover and berrys all out the ridge all the way to dudley hollow found easy way to get in on privite land and got hunting rites dont be giving thoses traps to somerset i going to have a line this year i think been yote hunting some got new gun and call no luck yet on yotes or bucks but grouse look good
    hello boy. lol i saw a couple up stockton couple weeks ago. can't hunt much from that ole truck. it should slow some shortly. i would like to hunt behind a good bird dog, it's been a long time. i'll holler at ya. rob
    hows the trucking whers all the grouse found 1 on clay farm get back with me we will go one day when ur off any time is good for me i'm done till spring
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