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    Cats vs. Florida

    Simple economics. If a Kentucky, Duke, UNC, Louisville etc. Were to play Murray at home, they lose out on a big paycheck from a home game.
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    Free fur

    Thanks for the furs. Plenty to keep my busy, plus get better at fur handling. I need all the practice I can get.
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    Free fur

    Sent you a pm.
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    prayers please

    Prayers sent from here!
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    Never Forget

    Back then I would play golf with a friend of mine from work. On the way to meet him the radio said a plane had hit one of the towers. At that time it seemed like a freak accident, so we went and played. By the time we had finished and got back to the clubhouse, one tower had fallen and the other...
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    Two things I'm sick of hearing about. The eclipse and Mayweather vs. McGregor. Both are just circus!
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    Yeah, because Jay Bilas, a starter at Duke and a graduate of their law school, is a lover of UNC basketball! Smdh
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    Not exactly. There are three boards at the school. The most important one is the board of trustees. That is who Bevin tried to redo, turns out, a governor doesn't have that power in Kentucky. There is also the athletic board, which operates separately from board of trustees. That is the board...
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    Hatchery Creek ?

    Any chance you could post a pic of that psycho midge?
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    Hatchery Creek ?

    Check out Brad Redmon if you are on Facebook. He is the guy talked about above.
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    Fly Fishing in KY

    Next time you are coming down to the Smokies, shoot me an email at [email protected] I'm on the Townsend side and guide in GSMNP. I can point you in the right direction.
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    Make Ky great again

    If you built that wall, who would actually pay the bills? The state would go bankrupt!
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    NKU Basketball

    That is totally irrelevant to how they seed and set the brackets.

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