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    1. cscasper
      I live in Louisville and took the class in Taylorsville. They taught the class to climp a tree with a tree strap, then unhook-climb in to the stand-hook back to tree. This whas done with a hang-on stand. I believe strongly that a person should be taught to keep their safety harness connected to the tree from the moment their feet leave the ground until they are safely planted back on the ground. All that is needed it an extra line going down the tree, and a small piece of line to tie a prusik knot.

      I should not have gotten down on the class for being so dull, but the political rants and out dated material were a tiresome.
    2. xtremewhitetail
      i seen ur bear pics ... i got tons of bear pics but ive tryed to put them on here and cant fig it out...hope u can hunt in the zone here cant wait..
    3. massive horns
      massive horns
      For some reason the truck ad was just taken off. I'd like to come and see it if at all possible.
      Whats your phone number?

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    HAH....Hunter Against Hunters, the most powerful anti-hunting organization in America!
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