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    2016 year of the elk

    Thanks guys, NC we hunted near carr lake 1 wildcatfan - I sent you a PM
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    Unit 51

    Unit 51
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    2016 - Kentucky Cow Elk Story

    Congrats on your cow. For the most part there is no such thing as dragging an elk. Quartering in place is the only way to go.
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    2016 year of the elk

    Day 2 It’s a balmy 27 degrees as we head out in the darkness. We drive to the end of the valley and hike up to the top. We hung out and glassed from the top for the first hour or so. We then decided to investigate the area were last nights herd came from. We scouted and glassed while working...
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    2016 year of the elk

    If I wasn’t excited enough to draw my own Elk tag I received a phone call from my brother Zack who had drawn a Kentucky elk tag. It was a cow rifle tag but still a unique opportunity. I quickly offered my services as pack mule. Now I was really stoked, two elk hunts in one year. I kept up my...
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    2016 year of the elk

    I was lucky enough to draw a new mexico elk tag this year. This would be my 4th try for an elk. The past two trips were DIY trips to N.M. and Colo. On both trips I saw ellk in places that I wouldn't go in. Mainly because I felt like I could never pack one out of there. This year I looked to...
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    PM sent
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    Anti hunter poll / please vote

    There are people working everyday to take away hunting and fishing. If we don't fight back we will loose. Friends I suggest that your magazine forwards this message to all subscribers and friends to vote online IN FAVOR OF THE MOTION ? see linke below Thanks and regards Gerhard R Damm...
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    trophy tom hunting

    The best turkey hunter I know, says. When you hear a bird gobble that makes all the others shut up. Go kill that one. Other than that. Later in the season you can shadow a bird until all his hens go to nest. A bird that has a big group of hens is "usually" older and dominant. I guess you could...
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    Question about turkeys.

    The most gobbling I have ever heard was while deer hunting. It was a foggy morning and a group of 5 toms were roosted down on the creek the gobbled almost non stop until the fog lifted.
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    Favorite call

    Its a tuff choice, Ive killed a lot of birds with my old "heartbreaker box call" Ole yeller pot never leaves my vest either.
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    more birds or less birds?

    Does Kentucky Game and Fish do a poult study? We do one here in Georgia. As a state overall we have had bad hatches for the last 3 years with an average of 1.4 poults per hen. That's not enough to maintain the population. Of course it can be regional, I seem to have had a good hatch in my area...
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    well they are in tn now

    It appears to actually be a Mt. Lion. Was it taken in Tenn. , well that's a whole other matter.
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    Are the modern day deer hunters spoiled ?

    My first deer hunt took place in 1984. The biggest advancement for me is clothing. Instead of frezzing slap to death, im warm most of the time. I have no desire to go back either.