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    Cow archery hunt

    I did. Didn't get to hunt as much as I would've liked, but did make two week-long trips out there. Once in October, again after Christmas. I tried DIYing the whole way. Saw a couple bulls. Never even had a close call with a cow.
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    All bulls no cows

    I hunted for four days in South at Large right after the cow archery season opened. Saw several bulls, but only one cow. She saw me at about the same time. Really a tough hunt, but I had a ball trying. Planning to head back east here in a week or two for another round.
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    A DSLR can take some amazing looking footage, but it's all due to their lens versatility. You'd have a hard time finding a DSLR and quality lens for that price. That aside, they're really difficult to self-film hunts with due to focusing issues.
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    Minimum amount of pull pounds on a bow to kill a deer?

    40-pounds is plenty, especially if she has a longer draw length (say 26 inches plus). Today's bows are way more efficient than they used to be. Main thing is to get her a bow that fits her and that she shoots well.
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    Turkeys behind schedule

    All clear now, partner. I just assumed that when you said anyone who doesn't think the birds are "100 percent behind" is naïve meant that you hadn't killed one yourself. But I didn't take bush-whacking and the like into account. I'm sort of a purist and don't even count those as real turkeys...
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    Turkeys behind schedule

    Henry County, TN, which is Region 1 / Northwest TN, just a few miles from the KY line. Woods are barren, although the fields and creek bottoms are starting to green up a bit. Bradford pears are about 3/4 bloom here right now.
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    Turkeys behind schedule

    Nah, actually know several guys who've been wearing them out in TN. Like I said, maybe it's just you. Hang in there, though. I'll bet if anyone can kill one, it's you.
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    Turkeys behind schedule

    Hey Hitch, these two Tennessee birds gobbled about 50 times Monday morning before they ran in and got shot. Maybe you're just not doing something right.
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    Bow hunting without a blind

    It was Field and Stream. I wrote it. :) The guy I wrote it about is Cally Morris, owner of Hazel Creek Taxidermy. I hunted with him last spring, and his techniques are the real deal. Here's a video of him / the technique in action...
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    Have you ever sold a gun and then kicked yourself for it?

    I've sold and traded a bunch of them, and don't regret any of them ... except a Ruger 77/22 Hornet that I bought when I was in college. That thing was a shooter, and so handy. And, it just had good ju-ju when it came to killing varmints. Took it to a pawn shop during mine and Tha' Purse's first...
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    Killin em at night?

    It's a learning curve for sure. We've been twice and called up critters both times. We scared some off the first night that we had coming in. I'll blame it primarily on mistakes with the light, but thinking back, we could've been set up a little better, too. But we're learning. Smoked one's...
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    Lots of divers eat fish and mollusks, but cans prefer vegetation. I've eaten them several times, and they're really good.
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    Big water hunting - any advice

    You should head to Steel Hill down south next. It's hardly hunted at all, and the guys that do hunt it are real welcoming of newcomers.
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    What is to warm

    Our ancestors were routinely dead by age 40, too. ;) To each his own. Everyone has their own opinion on aging venison. We eat as much of it as anyone I know (well, not right now because preggo wife has a sudden aversion to it and all other red meat), and we age ours in a cooler, on ice with the...
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    River Valley Farms - Harry

    I've never hunted with him, but I know him pretty well. Great guy, and he knows his deer. Seems to have a pretty good outfit.

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