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    Kentucky Quota Hunts 2012

    Did you take him on the main unit?
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    male brittany

    Anybody close to morehead or maysville with a male Brittany interested in having my female bred for pick of litter?
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    Jarrod Bently and Wisconsin

    You trying to work in fall break that week crossfire? I see how it works.
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    Cave Run Kids Fishing Day

    Been going the past few years, they really have a nice set up over there.. My son didn't catch as much as he has in the past, but he did win two new fishing poles.
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    How many have read the entire Hunger Games series

    Read the first with the whole sixth grade at school before went to see the movie.. After that, I borrowed the other two books and read in a weekend. Loved them.
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    Anthonny Bennet drops UK

    I think dumb isn't spelled dome..
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    All 5 starters announce

    Didn't they come without knowing for sure who was staying?
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    The University of Arkansas fired football coach Bobby Petrino on Tuesday,

    And it took just three post for a Louisville fan to accuse UK basketball of something..
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    The University of Arkansas fired football coach Bobby Petrino on Tuesday,

    Like when he quit before season ended in Atlanta??
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    Hunting WMA's in summer time

    Can't have dogs off leash after February on Fleming WMA..
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    Cave Run Sunday

    Real men wear pink..haha.. I coach girls High School and Middle School soccer team, and usually keep those things in the toolbox during the week.. I just didn't think it would be necessary to take it all out..
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    Cave Run Sunday

    Yes, at Clay Lick..
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    Cave Run Sunday

    Well, tried to find some crappie this past Sunday after Church.. Went to Clay Lick ramp, and water was up and muddy.. Fished around the mouth of Licking River and across on the other side, never got the first bite.. Still I'm thinking it was nice to be on the water, boat ran good and...
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    Are any of you going to Fish out of state this Spring, if so where ?

    Would love to do something, but gas is predicted to be over $4 by the end of April.. Been planning on Boundary Waters for the last two years, would love to make it happen this time..
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    Did you fish the Ohio side?