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    Early season pointers!!!

    Be prepared to deal with the poachers and trespassers for the first 2-3 years that the non-hunting family does not know about. They’re a real plague to deal with around here most everywhere. Unfortunately.
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    Turkey Population

    Too long season and too many hunters.
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    Fort Knox registration help

    I know, just me being a stupid ”2nd amendmenter” NRA LIFEER.😖
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    Fort Knox registration help

    “Register gun”, I THINK NOT!
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    Help with this cat?

    Looks photo shopped to me. mountain lion head and shoulder on a lab body.
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    Survey says,!!!!!! Calendar ducks are a real thing.

    Put those extra days in February! Unless you pickup every day, you’d have to put decoy spread out a whole month early and buy mosquito spray. IMO, we’d get much more mileage out of February days extended. Yeah, I’m Ballard and no, I’m not a cornfield hunter.
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    Bird Flu

    Never thought of that happening, bet it’s a possibility 🤔
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    Looking For Gunshy Dog

    If I had one, you could have him. All I’d want back is my collar. LOL
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    Last hunt!!

    Now that’s what I’ve been talking about! Don’t wait for youth season, take em all the time. I did. Usually by the time you’ve got kids, you’ve done ur thing for a long time, now take them WITH YOU. Squirrels and rabbits perfect starters for them. My little feller used to bury his head in my...
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    Where are all the quail

    No fence rows, predators, over harvest of a covy and fescue. No cover in fescue water ways and pastures for them. Grows too close to the ground mostly. Love listening to them. Always stop what I’m doing and listen. Beautiful sound. I have a bob white sound on my cell phone. Play it and call them...
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    Whistling tree ducks?

    That is wild! Thanks for showing us that. And here we thought we had something special. Lol
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    Whistling tree ducks?

    Thanks for info
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    Whistling tree ducks?

    They are odd critters and way too tame acting to survive around here long.
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    Whistling tree ducks?

    Info I’ve read about them says they are good.
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    Whistling tree ducks?

    That’s exactly what they look like. Had better pics but guess I’ve deleted them. They have finally matured and flown away somewhere. Watched them for a couple months. They loved to set on tree limbs and snags out in pond. All my neighbors had them. We’ve all been discussing and watching them...

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